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Luxair Cooker Hood Problems And Troubleshooting

A cooker hood is designed to remove smells, grease and moisture from your kitchen. Luxair suction hoods extract air, fumes, and vapour from the inside environment and then expels them outside. A filtering hood also purifies by means of carbon filters, emitting purified air into the atmosphere.

Luxair cooker hoods are available in canopy, ceiling, wall, and island varieties. Innovation and new product design are always at the forefront of this brand with over 20 years of experience in the business.

In most cooker hoods there are common components that may on rare occasions become defective and fail to work properly. These are the motor, lamp holders and bulbs, and the control switch. Faults within these parts can cause your cooker hood to stop functioning.

See some Luxair cooker hood problems and troubleshooting here…

Luxair cooker hood problems

Luxair cooker hood lights not working

This is a common problem with cooker hoods in general. The reasons for this are caused by a number of factors – one of them being that the lights are left on all of the time. The lights will get extremely hot and this can result in the bulbs losing power and failing, or more likely to blow. Overheating can lead to wiring issues.

If the bulbs are popping this may be due to the wrong fuse. For a cooker hood, the fuse should be 3amp – higher than this will cause issues with the circuit board. Poor contact with the lamp holders will also cause the lights to fail. And the mains voltage supply could also be why the cooker hood lights aren’t working.

If the circuit board is experiencing problems this can also result in failing lights. The control switch or control module for the cooker hood, and any other electrical-related problems will need to be identified and resolved by a qualified engineer.

Luxair cooker hood beeping

If your hood beeps after a few weeks of use this is an indication that the filters need cleaning. When the grease filters must be cleaned an acoustic signal is issued, as when filters have blocked the hood may not be able to operate properly. This may also result in a bad smell coming from the extractor fan.

Clogged filters prevent the air from passing through freely. If the carbon filter is unable to be cleaned properly it may need to be replaced. Doing this every three months will ensure the suction, filtration, and evacuation processes will continue to work effectively.

The accessible parts of the hood can become hot if the hob is working. This can also result in a beeping noise. If you have any concerns about what’s causing the beeping simply contact your local appliance repair engineer.

Luxair cooker hood poor airflow

This typically happens when the cooker hood is newly installed as the fault is often related to an issue with the vent, or the filters being blocked. The correct size ducting kit will need to have been installed to ensure the airflow extraction isn’t causing back pressure on the motor.

For hoods that have been working properly for a longer period of time and then stopped extracting air, the culprit is most likely to be the motor. If this is the case, the motor will need expertly repairing or replacing.

Time to call in the professionals?

When you need Luxair cooker hood repairs in London look no further than trusted appliance repairers. You’ll be able to save money with great deals, book an insured service from trained and experienced technicians, and get a warranty on all repairs that lasts for six months.