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Maytag Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

Maytag ovens are designed for durability and dependability with features that provide optimum performance. So what do you do when your appliance experiences operating difficulties? Read on to discover more about Maytag oven problems and troubleshooting...

Maytag oven troubleshooting problems

Maytag oven troubleshooting includes:

Maytag oven not working

If your Maytag oven simply won’t work the reason could be a power source issue. Both electric and gas ovens need electricity to operate and to receive an electrical current the power outlet must be receiving and delivering power properly.

Power sockets, cords, switches, fuses, and wiring will need to be checked for any faults. The circuit breaker should also be looked at for tripping. A qualified engineer will be able to run all of these tests for you.

Many Maytag ovens have an electric control panel for ease of programming cycles including cooking and cleaning, and locking the panel for safety reasons. If this part isn’t working properly it will need to be expertly resolved.

Maytag oven not heating to temperature

This could also be related to a problem with the power source as electric ovens do need a higher voltage outlet to receive adequate power. Your oven also needs to be calibrated to reach the set temperature as this can affect temperature settings and cooking times.

A blown thermal fuse can be another reason why your oven isn’t heating to temperature. This protective feature will trip the circuit breaker when your oven overheats, so it may be faulty and need replacing.

Your electric oven has two heating elements at the top and bottom, and if one of these is defective it will result in a lack of heating power. Signs of this include pre-haeting times taking longer, food over or undercooked, and the heating element not glowing red when the oven is on.

A Maytag gas oven not heating to temperature can be due to a malfunctioning oven igniter. When your oven’s temperature is set the igniter uses electricity to heat it up, when it reaches a certain temperature, the gas valve opens which ignites the burner. If the signal isn’t given to the gas valve your oven won’t heat up.

A spark electrode in your Maytag gas oven that’s defective may also be the culprit. If it’s damaged it won’t be able to produce a spark to light the burner and will need replacing.

Maytag oven not baking evenly

If this is happening a common cause is a burned-out bake element. This is a metal coil located at the base of your oven that contains electrical wiring. When your oven is on this wiring receives an electric current that heats up the coil to cook your food. If this component is faulty then your food won’t cook evenly.

A faulty temperature sensor that works to regulate oven temperature can result in a fluctuating temperature - this will also affect cooking ability. As the temperature sensor and the control board work together it’s also possible that the control board is unable to process the sensor’s resistance correctly, and the temperature will be inaccurate.

If baking is uneven in your Maytag convection oven this may be due to a malfunctioning fan motor. This is located on the exterior of the back oven wall and if it can’t turn and circulate the hot air the result will be more uneven cooking.

Looking for Maytag oven repair in London?

When you've got a Maytag oven troubleshooting problem that you can't resolve a Maytag oven repair is simple to arrange through experienced appliance repairers. Your service will come with an insurance cover that lasts from start to finish, and a comprehensive quality guarantee that runs for six months. Your expert technician will provide quick and effective results to get your Maytag oven working as new in no time at all!