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Miele Tumble Dryer Problems And Troubleshooting

When you’ve got a Miele tumble dryer that’s not working properly it can really impact your ability to get the laundry dry. When you’ve got a big family or no space for outdoor drying this can quickly get you down.

Don’t panic. Find out more about Miele tumble dryer problems and troubleshooting here...

Miele tumble dryer troubleshooting

Miele tumble dryer not drying

When your appliance isn’t drying properly there can be many reasons why. It could be due to a power issue - if your dryer isn’t receiving enough power it can take up to three times longer to dry clothes sufficiently. The power cord will need to be assessed as will the power socket, switch, and wiring. Any electrical issues are best left to a qualified engineer.

If your clothes are too wet after washing or the dryer capacity has been exceeded this will also affect the drying times. A dirty lint screen can limit the hot air that goes into your dryer, and blocked vents can also influence airflow and make drying times longer.

There may also be a parts malfunction affecting the drying cycle. Components that need to be looked at include heating elements and moisture sensors.

Miele tumble dryer not heating

If you find that your tumble dryer isn’t getting hot this can again be due to a faulty heating element or the thermostat cutting out. If the thermostat continually trips due to overheating it will need to be reset. If this doesn't fix the problem the thermostat will need replacing as will a faulty element.

Miele tumble dryer fault codes

Miele dryer fault codes are simply a way of communicating that your appliance is experiencing operating issues. When something goes wrong a code will display on the screen pointing you in the right direction as to where the problem may lie, even though you may not be able to fix it without expert help.

Miele tumble dryer faults include:


When the door lock won’t close securely this code will display. The most common cause here is a broken door latch where the latch prong or catching mechanism is defective and the door won’t stay closed. Other issues could be with the hinge mechanism that has become bent due to excessive weight and would need replacing.


This is a fault with the electronic control and display unit and will need a qualified engineer to identify and fix this problem for you.


This code typically indicates a computer failure and will appear when you open your dryer door. If this code consistently appears even after turning your dryer off you’ll need to call in a professional.


This code signals that the overriding time control has overrun and will need an experienced technician to carry out repairs.


Triggering this code can be caused by limited ventilation in a small space and your tumble dryer may need venting. Other reasons for this fault code could be an obstructed ventilation grille or a blocked lint filter or heat exchanger.

An insufficient spin cycle that leaves the laundry damp may trigger this code, as will the dryer drum being overloaded. All of these issues are related to air path leakage.

Need Miele tumble repairs in London?

You can get a fast Miele tumble dryer repair in London that’s reliable, fully insured and guaranteed! Your appointment will be easy to set up and at a time that suits you. Only a qualified and experienced technician will carry out your repairs, and you won’t need to pay a deposit. If you need a same-day service you’ll be able to arrange that too. Your Miele tumble dryer problems will quickly be diagnosed and resolved.