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Most Common Smeg Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

The Smeg dishwasher range includes freestanding, slimline, and built-in integrated models to enable you to choose not only your preferred aesthetic but also the number of place settings to suit your capacity requirements.

But even the most pleasing dishwasher can have its moments! If your appliance is experiencing operating issues it’s helpful to know what could be the cause. See the most common Smeg dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Smeg dishwasher troubleshooting

Smeg dishwasher faults include:

Smeg dishwasher not starting

This could simply be an issue with the power supply so the outlet will need to be inspected alongside power switches, sockets, and fuses. Other components that may result in your appliance being unable to start include the dishwasher door elements, water shut-off valves, and blocked or kinked hoses.

Smeg dishwasher not draining

Smeg dishwasher problems with drainage are one of the most common problems and there are several different reasons why this may happen. A blockage is often the culprit and is typically located in the filter in the sump. Other types of obstruction can be found in the waste pipe where it connects to the pipework under the sink or within the drainage hose.

Another fault could be with the drain pump which is failing. As the drain pump is accessed via the base of the unit and requires the panel below the door to be removed it’s advisable to contact a professional engineer.

dishwasher servicing

Smeg Slimline dishwasher problems

Smeg slimline dishwasher making a buzzing noise

A common problem with this model is a buzzing noise that comes from the bottom of the appliance as soon as you turn it on. The offending part could be the diverter paddle which is activated by the motor and reduction gears. Limescale can cause the paddle to become stiff and this will need resolving by an experienced technician.

Smeg dishwasher error codes

The following guide will identify your dishwasher error codes as they display:

E1 or E9

This is an overfill issue which has activated the flood protection system to prevent your dishwasher from flooding. The water has reached a higher level than it should which could be caused by a faulty water inlet valve or a blocked filter.


This error code also relates to an overfill problem but is likely to be caused by the pressure switch which actually monitors the water level in your dishwasher. Checks will need to be made on wirings and connections as well as the switch itself.


When your dishwasher isn’t heating this error code will display. This could be due to a faulty heating element which will need replacing, or faulty connections and wiring between the heating element and the control board.


A faulty temperature sensor will cause this error code resulting in the temperature of the water in your dishwasher not being monitored accurately. The sensor and its wiring and connections will all need to be checked for faults.


If your dishwasher is unable to fill this will be the error code that displays. Investigations will need to be made into the water tap, the water inlet valve, and the inlet hose which could be damaged or obstructed. E6 A dishwasher that can’t drain could have a blocked filter or pump and cause this error code to show. The pump may also be faulty and need replacing.


This error code indicates a possible fault with the control board as a flow meter has been detected. This is the part of your dishwasher that monitors the amount of water coming into the appliance and your dishwasher may not have one fitted! In this case, your dishwasher will need to be reset.

Need a Smeg dishwasher repair in London?

Smeg dishwashers are just one of the many brands that experienced appliance repairers can quickly fix for you. You’ll be able to book a same-day service from highly trained experts that automatically comes with a six-month quality guarantee.