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Most Common Smeg Washing Machine Error Codes Guide

Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg, which has been producing high quality household appliances since 1948, offers some striking washing machines in its portfolio. However, these washing machines, irrespective of efficiency and eco-friendliness, can and do sometimes break down.

This means that your plans are put on hold when your appliance malfunctions. But you don’t have to worry because in this guide, we have prepared a list of various Smeg washing machine error codes to help you get an idea of where the faults lie and what steps you might need to take to resolve them. Let’s explore in more detail below.

Smeg washing machine fault codes

Like most modern appliances, your Smeg washing machine will display error codes when a fault occurs that prevents your machine from functioning optimally or at all. As such, before you can attend to troubleshooting your appliance, you need to ensure accurate diagnostics. The short but handy guide below will assist you in doing so.

Error code E01: NTC sensor

Smeg washing machine error code E1 indicates a problem with the NTC sensor, which relates to the temperature within your washing machine. This sensor is generally connected to a heater element and one or both may be faulty.

Error code E02: Heating element

The heating element is responsible for bringing the temperature in your washing machine up. If it’s faulty, the machine won’t work and your clothes won’t get clean.

Error code E03: Heater relay stuck

This is most likely caused by a fault in the pressure switch.

Error code E04: The washer keeps filling with water

There is a problem with the water sensor system.

Error code E05: Drain pump

This error code will manifest itself in either too much water accumulating in your washing machine or a fault with draining of this water.

Error code E06: Universal DC motor TRIAC short circuit

A short-circuit error is one that is related to the electrical wiring of your washing machine.

Error code E07: Pressure level sensor

It is highly likely that this sensor needs to be cleaned because it is not accurately sensing the right pressure in the washing machine.

Error code E08: Water inlet valve

This means the water flow in your washing machine may be blocked.

Error code E09: Door lock TRIAC open circuit

Another wiring issue but this time this is connected to the door lock mechanism.

Error code E11: BLDC motor

This reduces the amount of noise emitted by your washing machine. If it fails to work properly, your machine may become excessively noisy.

Error code E12: Water leakage

This could be caused by a faulty door seal or flange.

Error code E13: Door lock or door wiring

If you see a Smeg washing machine error code E13, you need to ensure that the door can lock in place and/or that the door’s wiring is correctly connected.

Error code E14: Recirculation pump

This pump continuously moves the water and detergent during a wash cycle. However, if broken and needs replacement, it can be a costly part to replace.

Error code E15: Water liter counter

This can happen if there is low water pressure in the washing machine or an insufficient amount of water.

Error code E17: Over foaming warning

Too much detergent has been placed in the washing machine.

Error code E18: Unbalanced load warning

A Smeg washing machine error code E18 means that you have placed an unbalanced load of laundry in your washer. To correct this, simply remove all the clothes and repack the clothes evenly while ensuring a fair distribution of small and light and heavier clothing items.

Error code E22: LCD communication failure

Your display screen is not able to communicate with the rest of the washing machine.

Error code E24: Fill sensor

A fill sensor error will tell you whether the water levels in the washing machine are sufficient or not.

Error code E26: EEPROM error

This error relates to the main control board. It’s advisable to call an expert to take a look at it.

Error code E29: Voltage out of limit

This is an error related to how much electrical power your washing machine is getting.

Error code E31: Dryer NTC sensor

If your Smeg washing machine also comes with a dryer function, the NTC sensor of the dryer may be faulty.

Error code E35: Dryer heating element

This is an error that relates to the heating element of your washer’s dryer and could signal electrical, connection or wiring issues.

Error code E37: Drum overheating warning

The temperature in your washing machine’s drum is too high.

Error code E38: NTC sensor in-drum overheating

Another overheating problem with the NTC sensor. Make sure you call in a pro who will be able to accurately diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.

Error code E45: No variable file version detected

Here, you may need to unplug your washer and have your main control board replaced.

Error code E84: Network card failure

This is another problem or fault code that requires the experience of a professional appliance repair technician.

In conclusion

We hope that this short guide will help you better understand your Smeg washing machine error codes. While some of these errors can quickly and easily be resolved by you, others will need a professional touch. For this, you can reach out to us at Exclusive Repairs to provide you with a comprehensive, seamless and efficient washing machine repair service that you’ll feel fully confident in. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us today.