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Neff Cooker Hood Problems And Troubleshooting

A Neff cooker hood is an electric fan that sits above the hob, designed for removing unpleasant cooking smells, grease, and moisture as you cook – quickly clearing the air in your kitchen.

Types of cooker hood include a canopy option with efficient LED lights that help you monitor food as it cooks and chimney styles with easy-to-use push-button controls. Integrated cooker hoods can be built into the cupboard, and all come with easy-to-clean metal grease filters as standard.

Whatever ventilation method you choose there may come a time when it doesn’t operate as it should!

Look at some Neff cooker hood problems and troubleshooting here…

Neff cooker hood lights not working

The cooker hood lights are meant to be used for helping to light the hob below as you cook. Leaving them on for long periods of time is likely to cause them to blow. The lights can get very hot and overheating of the bulbs may result in issues with the wiring, or similarly a blown bulb.

You may get problems with the electric modules that switch the bulbs on and off – they can get extremely hot if lights are continually left on, and this can also damage the bulb holders. Other causes of bulb failure can be the mains voltage supply which can result in bulbs blowing prematurely.

If your cooker hood as an electronic control the culprit may be the control module – if the circuit fails the lights won’t work. If you find that you’re unable to switch the cooker hood lighting off the hood may need to be reset.

Any issues related to the hood lights can be quickly resolved by an appliance repair technician.

Neff cooker hood not working

Neff cooker hood problems can include the hood not working at all! If the hood won’t start this normally indicates a problem with the plug, power socket, or electrical circuit. These electrical issues can be safely investigated by an experienced engineer who will check the fuses and circuit breaker, as well as resetting the power supply.

Neff cooker hood smells

There are a couple of reasons why this could be happening and your Neff cooker hood troubleshooting should begin with the filter. If left unattended the filter can accumulate a build-up of grease and dust and will need to be cleaned.

Alternatively, the odour may be coming from your ducting and this typically means that some kind of pest has infiltrated into the system. If you believe this is the case you may need to call in a professional pest exterminator.

Neff cooker hood making noises

If the noise is at an abnormal level the airflow needs to be checked for any obstruction. The ventilation itself could be stopping the extractor from operating properly. If it’s clear then the motor may be defective and will need replacing.

Other issues could be with the filter, or with incorrect installation. These problems can be identified by an appliance repair expert, and any defective components repaired or replaced.

Neff cooker hood controls not responding

A failing electronic control module will cause this problem, which could be related to the age of the cooker. If your appliance is new and you have a remote that has stopped working this could indicate that the receiver that detects the signal from the extractor is defective. In either case, you’ll need to get professional help.

Need a Neff cooker hood repair in London?

Simply choose trusted London cooker hood repair specialists who can provide a fully insured service and offer a six-month quality guarantee. You’ll be able to make a short-notice booking and get a quick quote upfront. Whatever kind of problem you’re having with your Neff cooker hood, it’ll be fixed efficiently and effectively.