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Neff Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

Neff dishwashers are available in slimline and full size. And integrated options fit seamlessly into your kitchen space. Programmes are highly efficient and energy-saving. And use quiet power to clean your dishes. TimeLight features project the remaining time left on your cycle so you’ll know when the cleaning is complete. Daily usage can bring minor Neff dishwasher problems. But sometimes these issues need to be addressed by a qualified engineer. See a selection of Neff dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Error Codes Explained

Neff dishwasher error codes are used as diagnostic aids. And will give an idea of where to start looking for the defect. The numbered codes include:

E01 – Neff dishwasher error code E1 indicates a fault with the motor controller and a replacement power module may be needed

E09 – Neff dishwasher E09 error code points to an issue with the temperature possibly resulting from a fault with the heating circuit causing overheating

E15 – Neff dishwasher error code E15 signifies there isn’t any water in the dishwasher probably due to a leak that’s activated the base float and turned off the water inlet

E22 – Neff dishwasher E22 error code shows residual water in the sump pump caused by a blockage or dirty filter

E24 – Neff dishwasher error code E24 denotes a water drainage issue coming from a blocked or kinked drainage hose, or a blocked pump

What Fault Symbols Mean

Neff dishwasher fault symbols are often accompanied with display lights. For instance, when the “check water supply” lights up it indicates that the water supply has been interrupted. This could be due to a blocked filter or supply hose. And the wastewater pump could be obstructed.

Indicator lights flashing after the dishwasher has started often relates to programme selection which needs the expertise of a trusted dishwasher repair technician. As do indicator lights that don’t go out after the washing has finished.

Three dots inside a box indicates a problem. And this could be related to:

The dishwasher not starting

A Neff dishwasher not starting properly could be down to a mains fuse tripping. Or a fault with the appliance plug. Other problems could be a defective door not closing properly, or issues with taps. An electrical engineer will swiftly diagnose and solve these difficulties.

Dishes not drying

A Neff dishwasher not drying may have issues related to an unopened vent. This lets out the hot air generated during the rinse cycle. When it doesn’t open properly the dishes remain moist. Bear in mind that you need to include the drying function on the selected programme. And that you don’t take items out of the dishwasher immediately.

Detergent compartment lid not closing

When the lid of your Neff dishwasher can’t be closed this points to the detergent compartment being overfilled. This leads to the mechanism becoming clogged. And may need replacing if it can’t be cleaned.

Additional Glitches

Traces of rust on cutlery indicates that the salt content in the washing water is too high. This could be caused by the salt container lid screwed on too tightly or salt spilt when the container was filled.

Knocking and rattling sounds may be due to the spray arms hitting the dishes inside the appliance. And if the dishwasher has been loaded incorrectly this can also cause noise.

If the inlet valves are making knocking sounds this may be due to the position of the water pipes and there may not be a solution. Check with your Neff dishwasher repair specialist.

Get a Six-Month Warranty for Your Repair

Neff dishwasher troubleshooting is a speciality of Neff dishwasher repair London experts. You’ll get an experienced technician with modern equipment ready to help. And a quote for the job you wanted doing before your service begins. A hassle-free appointment will bring perfect results.