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Neff Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

Neff washing machine error codes are used as a diagnostic aid which basically means that they won’t tell you precisely what part is faulty but will give you an idea as to where to start looking. Neff washing machine error codes are explained in more detail here…

Neff error codes

Depending on your model your codes may display as follows:

Error code

F01: when the door lock has been detected as not closed this could be due to a defective door latch or faulty wiring.

F02: an inlet water valve may be the problem here and the water supply alongside the fill hose will need checking.

F03: a Neff washing machine not draining will cause this code to display and points to a drain pump fault or blockage, or outlet hose obstruction.

F04: when the antiflood device has been activated this may cause leaks and this error code will display.

F05/F06/F07: any of these codes show a fault with the motor and could be related to the connector block, wiring, carbon brushes, or tacho connections.

F09: this is when the heating element turns on when it shouldn’t, for example during the rinse cycle.

F10: this is a communication error between the motor and the module.

E06: Neff washing machine error code E06 indicates a draining issue as detailed in F03.

E16 or F16: this is a door open error

E17 or F17: the water supply time has been exceeded

E18 or F18: Neff washing machine F18 error indicates that the pump time has been exceeded and a reset of your appliance may be needed

E19 or F19: these error codes are related to the heating time being exceeded and can’t be rectified without the help of an expert.

E20 or F20: this is your washing machine experiencing unexpected heating and your appliance may need resetting.

E23 or F23: activation of the Aquastop will cause these error codes to display and you’ll need professional advice.

E25 or F25: the turbidity sensor has been detected as faulty and will need replacing.

E26 or F26: this is a fault connected to the analogue pressure sensor and will need testing and possibly replacing.

F27: a faulty pressure sensor has been detected here and can’t be resolved without specialist help.

E28 or F28: the flow sensor is defective when these error codes show and will need to be repaired or replaced.

E32: with an alternatively flashing End indicates that the spin cycle has been interrupted due to an unbalanced load. This will result in your Neff washing machine not spinning.

E93: the hot water pressure is too low possibly caused by an obstruction in the hot water supply hose or a faulty connection.

Neff washing machine error symbols

When the display lock symbol lights up this can be due to the temperature or the water level being too high. If the display lock symbol flashes laundry may be trapped and the door may need to be opened and reclosed.

If the tap symbol is lit up this indicates that the water pressure is too low possibly caused by an obstruction in the supply hose, or the hose is incorrectly installed.

The key symbol indicates that the childproof lock has been activated and needs de-activating in order for your appliance to function properly.

If the foam symbol displays this shows that too much foam has been detected and an additional rinse cycle has been activated.

If the “Ready in” time flashes this indicates that the mains voltage is too low and if this shows during the wash cycle it points to an undervoltage issue which will need an experienced engineer to resolve.

Get Neff washing machine repairs in London

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