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New World Cooker Problems And Troubleshooting

A New World electric cooker offers a mix of quality, performance, and affordability. Fan-assisted heat guarantees cooking at an even temperature, with a bright oven light that lets you keep an eye on how your food is progressing without having to open the door.

Easy clean enamel liners ensure effortless cleaning as you can simply wipe away any mess with a damp cloth. And cost-effective cooking is delivered with A energy-efficient ratings.

So, when your cooker experiences problems it’s helpful to know where the fault may be – even if you can’t fix it yourself.

See some common New World cooker problems and troubleshooting here…

New World cooker oven not working

There are several reasons why your New World oven isn’t working and one of them is an issue with the power supply – a blown fuse or tripped breaker will prevent the oven from operating. Checks will need to be carried out on the power socket and the plug, as well as for faulty wiring.

If the oven has been getting too hot a thermal fuse may blow – this is a safety feature that automatically shuts off the power. A defective thermostat sensor will also result in the oven not turning on, as this component communicates with the control board to regulate oven temperature. And if the control board isn’t working properly this may be the problem.

New World cooker grill not heating

New World cooker grill problems can be related to the grill element which can wear or break. This problem should be easy to spot as the grill won’t heat at all. If the grill is infra-red the oven may be on but the grill won’t change colour. You can get a new grill element and replace it yourself, or get help from an appliance repair specialist.

New World cooker not heating up

The problem in most cases here is the fan oven element. Obvious signs are food hasn’t been cooked properly and stays cold or just warm. Often the fan will work but there just won’t be any heat. The element can be tested with a multimeter for a break in the element and this will be indicated by no reading, and the element will need to be replaced.

The switch that controls oven functions known as the changeover switch may have failed and need replacing, or the thermal fuse can malfunction becoming damaged by poor ventilation.

New World cooker oven overheating

If your food is burning during the cooking process this is a sign that your oven is overheating. This is often due to a broken thermostat. This component can’t be repaired and will need to be replaced. This should ideally be carried out by a qualified engineer as the device holds gas that has to be placed into the cavity where the thermostat is activated and deactivated.

New World cooker knobs problems

New World cooker knobs breaking is often because they’re typically made of plastic, and this can crack with use. Causes can be due to an impact, or that the plastic has become brittle and snapped, and will result in it becoming more difficult to turn the burner on and off.

Burner switch knobs should pull off, directly away from the control panel surface. You should clean the post and control panel before repairing or replacing the cracked knob.

If the igniter doesn’t work due to a spark not being produced when you press the ignition button, this could be due to a blockage of food that requires cleaning. You can remove the igniter to get rid of the accumulated dirt before re-attaching the part.

And finally…

If your New World cooker troubleshooting hasn’t allowed you to fix the problem simply get in touch with your London cooker repair engineers who will happily deal with any issues for you.