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Panasonic Washing Machine Problems And How to Troubleshoot Them

Panasonic washing machines are packed with technology – designed to make your laundry tasks easier. Energy Class Efficiency has an A+++ rating, and AutoCare wash programmes use sensors to detect the wash load and automatically tailor the wash settings.

SteamAction features get rid of allergens and odours without using any harmful chemicals. All sounds fantastic until something goes wrong! Look at a range of Panasonic washing machine problems and troubleshooting to help you through any setbacks…

Error Codes for Panasonic Washing Machines

Panasonic washing machine error codes may vary from model to model. See a range of examples from a Panasonic washing machine error code list below:

Panasonic washing machine error code U11 – signifies the washing machine is unable to drain. Many factors can cause this issue including a blocked or obstructed filter, defective wiring to the drain pump, faulty level sensors or switches, and level sensor wiring.

The lid switch assembly, water pump belt, drain hose, and door lock can all influence draining ability. You’ll need to arrange a visit from an appliance engineer to carry out any repairs.

Panasonic washing machine error code U13 – this indicates that the washing machine is unable to spin. It can be due to the appliance detecting an unbalanced load, particularly if the load is small. If the laundry is too heavy it’ll need to be reduced and reloaded, too small and extra items will have to be added.

If the washing machine is on an uneven or unstable surface the setting location will need to be changed. If the fault persists the drive belt, motor coupling, door latch, and motor control board will need to be checked and potentially repaired or replaced by a trained technician.

Panasonic washing machine error code H04 – this error code shows that a short circuit has been found on the power relay of the main electronic control board. The wiring will need to be safely inspected by a qualified repair technician and any necessary electronic replacements or repairs made.

Panasonic washing machine error code H43 – a leak has been detected in the base of the appliance and the source of the leak will need to be determined. It could be related to the drain pump, the tub seal, the pump hose, or the drain hose. This type of Panasonic washing machine repair is easily taken care of by your local qualified appliance repair expert.

Troubleshooting Tips for Panasonic Washing Machines

Panasonic washing machine troubleshooting also covers:

The washing machine won’t start – several factors can prevent the washing machine from starting including a defective timer. Other issues can be with the user control and display board, the main control board, the door lock, or the thermal fuse.

An incoming power problem may be the cause – the electrical outlet might not be getting enough power which may mean issues with the power socket or switch. Excessive power outages will cause the circuit breaker to trip – any electrical faults need inspecting and repairing by a qualified engineer.

The washing machine door won’t lock or unlock – there are a few possible reasons for this including issues with the locking mechanism itself. If the washing machine isn’t draining properly the door will remain locked as the drum is filled with water – this is a safety feature to avoid potential flooding. You’ll need expert help with a lock repair, or emptying the appliance.

Get Ultimate Washing Machine Repairs

When you’ve got Panasonic washing machine problems there’s a simple solution- Panasonic washing machine repair London professionals! Your trained and experienced technician will use advanced tools and equipment to swiftly diagnose and repair any fault. You’ll be able to make a hassle-free appointment at short notice. And your fully insured service comes with a six-month quality guarantee.