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price1Exclusive Repairs - Prices and Rates

Exclusive Repairs will always try to match your budget when it comes to delivering your service.

All prices below are approximate, because while we always endeavour to keep our prices page up-to-date, we may have found an even more affordable way to provide your service in the meantime!

Get a good idea of the price for the work you need done below - or why not contact us to get a detailed quote? We're always happy to take your enquiry!


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Why Have We Split Our Fees into Diagnostic and Labour?

Unlike most of our competitors, we give you a break down of the price because sometimes repairing the appliance is simply not worth it, i.e. the spare parts and labour would cost as much as buying a new one. In these cases you just have to pay the minimum call out charge, also known as diagnostics and not pay any labour, whereas with other companies you will need to pay the whole lot even if no work is done.

We try in every way possible to deliver extra value for your money and where possible even save you some.

Appliances Diagnostic Labor
Oven £35 £40 + parts
Cooker £30 £35 + parts
Cooker hood £35 £40 + parts
Cooker hob £30 £35 + parts
Washing machine (free-standing) £30 £35 + parts
Washing machine (integrated) £35 £40 + parts
Tumble dryer (free-standing) £30 £35 + parts
Tumble dryer (integrated) £35 £40 + parts
Dish washer (free-standing) £30 £35 + parts
Dish washer (integrated) £35 £40 + parts
*All services are delivered with a six-month quality guarantee as standard.