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Prima Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

The Prima dishwasher range is designed for everyday needs. Every appliance has an A+++ energy rating – keeping your costs as low as possible. Added functions and style features include a 30-minute rapid wash, turbo drying, and multiple programmes. But, on occasion, even the most advanced technology can have issues. See a range of Prima dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Common Prima dishwasher problems

Prima dishwasher not draining The most probable reason for this happening is a blockage – this could be in the drain hose or the pump. Alternatively, this could be related to food remnants clogging the filters. The filters can be removed and cleaned fairly easily by running them under the tap. The waste hose and sink waste pipes may be draining water away more slowly than normal indicating an obstruction. If the hoses aren’t easily accessible you may need expert help. Prima dishwasher not filling Prime suspects when this happens include the water inlet valve and the float switch. The water inlet valve is connected to a hose that brings in the water – if this is faulty or broken the water can’t get in. You can test this with a multimeter, if there’s no power this indicates that the electrical connection between the valve and the float switch, the timer, or the door switch has been broken. The float switch may be failing to get a signal from the float and may need replacing – or the wires may have become disconnected. And a faulty door switch will also prevent the appliance from filling as the latch needs to close securely to set the dishwasher controls in motion. Prima dishwasher not starting and beeping Underlying issues here can be related to the door being unlatched, a power surge, or excess water in the system. A beep that lasts for around 30 seconds indicates that the door isn’t closed securely, whilst beeping for longer typically suggests that the anti-flood device has been activated to prevent flooding. Your dishwasher will also beep when there are problems with the rinse aid – you need to ensure that the right ratios of coarse salt and rinse aid are used. Any problems with the flow meters and sensors may also lead to beeping sounds.

Prima dishwasher fault codes

Dishwasher fault or error codes are designed to offer you an indication of where the problem may lie and are not a substitute for diagnostic skills. And error codes may be updated and change with new models. Prima dishwasher E4 code indicates that the anti-flood device on the base of the appliance has been activated. This device is typically a float and switch mechanism which switches on the drain pump, clearing the dishwasher sump of water. It also disables the filling circuits or valves on the dishwasher. You can try tilting the appliance forward allowing the sensor to reset, or locate the polystyrene float to remove any accumulated water, but if this part is defective and activating improperly the dishwasher won’t fill with water as the incoming water supply is stopped. And you’ll need to get in touch with a qualified engineer for a diagnosis and a repair or replacement. For other fault codes, you should refer to the manufacturer’s manual. Here you’ll find a breakdown of all codes related to your particular dishwasher model.

Need Prima dishwasher repairs?

You can get a fully insured service from London dishwasher repair engineers, with a quote on the repair you need doing upfront. Your technician will be trained and experienced in dealing with your dishwasher issues, and will quickly identify the problem and fix it for you. And every repair comes with a six-month quality guarantee.