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Proaction Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

ProAction dishwashers are stylish and practical, cleaning and drying with the minimum of fuss. There are economy, half-load, intensive, and quick-wash programmes, and they have a capacity for 12 place settings.

When your appliance is experiencing issues it’s helpful to know what might be going wrong – even if you can’t fix it yourself. See a range of ProAction dishwasher problems here…

ProAction dishwasher error codes

When your dishwasher detects a problem, it will digitally display an error code to help with sourcing the cause. ProAcation dishwasher faults and error codes are listed below:

  • E1 – indicating an open door. If the door is opening when the dishwasher is running this could be due to a faulty door switch, door latch, or door gasket.
  • E2 – the water inlet is the problem here and is malfunctioning in some way. The filter screen may just be dirty, or it may be defective.
  • E3 – this is the error code for a water drainage issue – see troubleshooting for more details.
  • E4 – the temperature sensor isn’t working properly and is unable to sense the water temperature correctly, resulting in this error code.
  • E5 – when an overflow is happening this error code will display. Issues could be with the inlet valve, or defective solenoids sticking open and allowing too much water into the appliance, causing the water to continually flow.
  • E6 – water leakage is the problem here. This could be due to a leaky gasket, cracked or damaged hoses, or valve issues.
  • E7 – abnormal heating will cause this error code light to come on and will probably be related to a faulty heating element or thermostat. The element may have burned out due to an electrical or wiring fault.

ProAcation dishwasher problems and troubleshooting

ProAction dishwasher not starting

The possible causes of this are many. Reasons include the water supply not turned on, or the machine door not being closed securely. Electrical issues cover a faulty power socket, blown fuses, power surges, or faulty wiring. You should arrange for a qualified engineer to safely check any electrical problems and fix them for you.

ProAction dishwasher not draining

This common problem is often related to the drain hose becoming kinked or obstructed, or due to a filter being clogged. The water flow may be blocked by food remnants, or the drain valve could be stuck.

The drain basket can also cause problems if it gets clogged with detergent or food particles, and if the machine is making abnormal operating sounds this could be resulting from the drain pump or motor. A quick diagnosis will be made by your appliance repair engineer, followed by repair or replacement of any faulty parts.

ProAction dishwasher lights flashing

These flashing lights are often an indicator that the water hasn’t reached the correct temperature, which can be caused by a defective heating element. This component can easily be tested and replaced by an alliance repair technician.

It may also mean that the dishwasher is in the turning off mode when lights flash for a couple of minutes. The appliance may then reset itself and resume normal operations. If the rinse light is flickering this could indicate some element of leakage.

A power surge can also cause flashing lights. If there appear to be any electrical problems, you’ll need the assistance of a qualified engineer.

Contact the professionals for help with ProAcation dishwasher repairs

ProAction dishwasher repair in London is simple to arrange. The service is fully insured and guaranteed, and carried out by fully trained and qualified appliance engineers. You can get a free quote online upfront, and short notice bookings are readily available. And for no extra fee, you can choose a weekend appointment if that suits you best.