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Rangemaster Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

Whatever your style of cooking Rangemaster has the oven for you. You’ll be able to choose from all gas or electric, or a dual fuel cooker. Hob options include induction, ceramic, or gas.

Timeless design quality ensures they fit into any style of kitchen. And Rapid Response features preheats the oven 30% faster than a fan oven. With A ratings for energy efficiency, a Rangemaster oven is the ideal family household choice.

So, what happens when you’ve got a Rangemaster oven not working? See examples of Rangemaster oven problems and troubleshooting here…

Multifunction Ovens

You can enjoy really flexible cooking with different functions offered that suit your every cooking need. See some Rangemaster oven symbols below:

rapid response symbolThis is the rapid response symbol that allows cooking to start immediately – and is only available on a selection of models

heat distribution symbolA fan oven is defined by this symbol – heat is evenly distributed for cooking on multiple levels

Fanned grilling symbolFanned grilling – lets you close the oven door while grilling stopping cooking smells as food is grilled evenly.

lower element symbolUsing the lower element only this base heat cooking technique can crisp up a pizza base and fully cook the bottom of a pastry flan

zoned cookingFan assisted ovens use conventional oven elements alongside the fan producing zoned cooking areas.

traditional cooking SymbolConventional ovens use this traditional cooking method for baking in the centre of the oven

browning element symbolThe browning element can be used at the end of the cooking to finish dishes that are already hot

defrost symbolThe defrost symbol is a safe way to enhance the defrost process as it uses the fan to circulate unheated air

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Rangemaster oven door not closing?

If the main oven door won’t close this could be due to a faulty door latch. If the door latch has actually broken it may need to be repaired. Or you might need a replacement.

Other reasons for the door not closing could be due to the hinges – if the door is hanging unevenly, they may need to be replaced. Badly fitting screws could be the culprit – as could broken door springs. A repair technician will easily carry out these repairs for you.

Why is my Rangemaster oven not working after power cut?

If power is going to the cooker, you’ll be able to see the oven light. And the clock should be illuminated. If the clock is flashing auto it needs to be reset. To set the time you have to press the two buttons cooking time and end of cooking time together and hold down whilst adjusting the clock with the up and down buttons.

If there’s no power to the clock but to other areas of the appliance there may be a fault with the clock. And it should be repaired or replaced by an engineer.

Why is my Rangemaster oven fan not working?

This could be due to a defective oven fan element – when the thermostat is turned on the oven will continue to blow cold air indicating the heating element surrounding the fan has been damaged.

Depending on the element fitted the appliance will need pulling out for the rear panel to be removed. And this is best left to the experts.

Where can I go for Rangemaster oven repairs?

Get Rangemaster oven repair London specialists (electric oven) to provide you with a fully insured service – that comes with a six-month quality guarantee. You’ll be able to make a hassle-free appointment. And get a short notice booking if you need one. Your technician will be highly trained and qualified to carry out any repairs. And your Rangemaster oven will soon be working as new.