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Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes Explained

Is your dishwasher Samsung? Is it displaying an error code? This indicates that your appliance is experiencing a problem. Want to know what the issue could be? Look at a range of Samsung dishwasher error codes here...

Samsung dishwasher error codes explained

Depending on the model of your Samsung dishwasher error codes may vary slightly. If the error code displaying differs from those shown below, you should look at your manufacturer's manual.     3E This is a communication or function error code that may be resolved by turning your dishwasher off and restarting it. However, if the problem continues you’ll need to get professional help.   4E   Your dishwasher is detecting that there’s no water in the tub six minutes after starting. This could result from a defective cut-off valve, faulty water inlet valve, or loose wiring connections.   4E1   This indicates that the temperature of the water is more than 176 degrees and may be due to a defective temperature sensor or thermistor. If the problem persists this indicates that the issue may lie with the main power board assembly.   5E   Samsung dishwasher 5E error is displayed when your appliance isn't draining properly. This could be due to a blockage in the drain hose or drain pump, or either of those components being damaged.   6E   Samsung dishwasher error code 6E signifies a button error which can be confirmed by turning off your dishwasher and pressing each button. If there’s a problem the control panel may need to be replaced.   7E   This code points to a waterfall reflector error, meaning the reflector may be incorrectly installed or blocked.   9E   Samsung dishwasher error code 9E shows a low water level resulting from loose connections to the wire harness or to the water level sensor, which could also be defective.   HE   When your Samsung dishwasher is displaying this code it means there’s a heating element failure. Wiring connections to the heater could be faulty, or the heater itself may be damaged. Otherwise, the main power board assembly may be defective and need repairing or replacing.   HE1   When your dishwasher detects a temperature above 176 degrees in the tub the heater relay on the main power board may be stuck in the closed position and the board will need to be replaced.   IE   This is a blocked filter error resulting in water being unable to pass through. If the code returns when the filter is clean Samsung dishwasher IE error code reset signifies that your appliance needs to be reset. This is a simple operation - disconnect the power, wait for 5 minutes, and start it again. If this error code persists you’ll need expert help.   LE   A water leak has been detected and parts that need to be checked include the drain hose, the drain pump and the tub.   OE   An overflow error has been detected when this error code displays. This may be related to a faulty water inlet valve or require the main power board assembly to be replaced.   PE   Samsung dishwasher PE error code indicates a motor position error that needs the appliance to be turned off and restarted. If this doesn’t address the problem the diverter assembly, or the sump and motor assembly could be the culprits.   tE1   This is a thermistor or temperature sensor issue where the problem could be with loose wires to the wire harness. The thermistor may have to be replaced alongside the main power board.

Looking for Samsung dishwasher repair?

Samsung dishwasher repairs in London are both safe and affordable. Trained specialists will carry out work using modern tools and equipment all under the protection of full insurance cover. You won’t need to pay a call-out charge or a deposit and you can get a short-notice service on request. What’s more, your repair will also come with a six-month guarantee.