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Samsung top load washer not spinning – issues and solutions

Samsung is renowned worldwide for being a quality appliance manufacturer, among other things. But no appliance is perfect and sometimes your Samsung top load washing machine will stop spinning mid-cycle or will completely stop altogether. Although there are some cases where an expert hand will be required, there are also some fixes you can try yourself to see if you can restore your Samsung top loader washing machine and get it working again. Let’s take a look.

Samsung washing machine problems and possible solutions you can try

When your Samsung top load washer is not spinning, it could be an indication of several potential problems. However, some of these have DIY solutions that you can attempt yourself. Here are some of the most common ones and their possible solutions.

Problem: your washer stops during the spin cycle.

Solution 1: stop the washing machine and unplug it. Remove some items of clothing and rearrange the rest inside the drum for a balanced load. Switch the washing machine back on and see if it works.

Solution 2: if rearranging and removing some of the clothes doesn’t solve the problem, check if there are error codes that are displayed on your screen. These error codes can be a helpful indicator of what the potential problem may be.

Solution 3: if you don’t recognise any of the error codes and you’re unsure of what to do, consider carrying out a “master reset”. This means going back to your owner’s manual and determining how to reset the device to its default settings so that it operates correctly once again.

Problem: you may be having an issue with your washer not spinning due to a faulty lid switch. This could result in the washing machine agitating but not spinning.

Washing Machine Drum

Solution: you may need to check whether your lid switch is faulty. As such, this must be removed. To locate it, look inside the washing machine’s main housing near the frame of the door.

Problem: the water level control or pressure switch could result in your washing machine not spinning properly. Either of these parts could have become defective when pumping the water out of the machine.

Solution: you will be able to try to resolve this by unscrewing the four screws that hold the control panel in place, revealing the water level control valve. It is attached to a plastic hose, which you should check for clogs and soapy residue. These obstructions should be removed.

Problem: another potential problem is related to your washer drive belt or spin belt.

Solution: it’s important to note that for top loading washing machines, the washer drive belt connects the drive motor to the washer transmitter. As such, you will need to check the drive belt for any damage such as rips or being overstretched. Alternatively, it may have fallen off completely. Ensure that it is moving as intended.

Problem: the pulley on the transmission may not turn in the spin or agitate positions.

Solutions: check that there are no obstructions blocking the agitator or wash basket movement. Inspect the inside of your washing machine and check that the belt on the pulley has not slipped off. Also check for oil or water leaks.

Reliable Samsung washing machine repairs

Although some of these solutions may be relatively doable fixes you can do by yourself, you need an expert to help you with your Samsung washer motor problems professionally and with a high quality, reliable service. At Exclusive Repairs, you can count on us for just that. Simply reach out to us and our experts will be able to help resolve your problems, offering you greater peace of mind.