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Servis Washing Machine Problems And How to Troubleshoot Them

Servis washing machines are easy to use. And balance great performance with eco-friendly technology. There’s a wide range of models to choose from with options of a 15-minute small load quick wash to an 8kg heavily soiled feature. All saving you time and money.

Unfortunately, things can go wrong. And your appliance may fail to work properly. Look at some common Servis washing machine problems and troubleshooting here…

Washing machine won’t start

This could be related to the power supply. Fuses, plug sockets, and circuit breakers should all be checked by an electrician. Breaks in the wiring can cause this issue. As can a door that won’t close properly. The door interlock is designed to stop the door from being opened when the machine is switched on. If the door isn’t latched properly the appliance won’t start.

Washing machine is leaking

To find the source of the leak may you need to get professional help. Signs of water on the outside of the machine can indicate a more severe issue. Water inlet taps and hoses can be faulty, or the waste pipe could be obstructed. This restricts the flow of water to the drain. And the water back-up will cause an overflow and potential flooding.

Any build-up of detergent in the soap dispenser or the connecting hose to the drum can cause a blockage and subsequent overflow. Worn door seals that have perished will cause water to escape and leave limescale on the glass door.

A damaged filter seal can cause leaks from this area. And internal hoses and components will need examining if the leak appears to be coming from inside the machine. Damaged filters, drain hoses, inlet hoses, and plastic tubs can all be expertly replaced.

Washing machine is noisy

Leaving a noisy washing machine can lead to more severe problems. Small foreign objects can pass from the filter into the pump chamber. Here the impeller can whip the object around causing a loud rattling noise. As well as potential damage to the pump itself.

A grinding noise implies worn drum bearings. This is confirmed by dark patches on the floor and the rear of the outer tub. Water entering here will eventually destroy the bearings. Drum shafts may be prone to shearing. And counterweights that are made from concrete can develop cracks because of the vibration.

Washing machine won’t fill

If the power is getting to the valves but no water is entering the machine this could be due to defective water inlet hoses. They can get trapped or become folded. The water supply may be problematic with not enough pressure. Or the inlet valve filters can become blocked and need cleaning. A plumber will easily identify faulty inlet hoses and valves.

Washing machine won’t drain

The fault here is most likely to be the pump. Otherwise, it could be related to a kinked drain hose, a blocked filter, an incorrectly fitted drain hose, or a faulty under the sink connection. An engineer will swiftly identify these problems and fix them for you.

Washing machine won’t spin

Overloading your Servis washing machine will cause an out of balance detection and the spin cycle won’t operate. These machines are extremely sensitive so you need to ensure an even load. Blocked filters are the most common cause of not spinning. And if your washing machine won’t drain it won’t spin either.

Get an Experienced Technician

When you need a Servis washing machine repair London specialist choose a service that’s fully guaranteed. And that’s available six days a week so you don’t have to wait for a convenient appointment. Get a free quote on any repair work. And ensure your Servis washing machine will quickly be up and running once more.