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Sharp Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

Got Sharp dishwasher problems? If your dishwasher won’t start or has stopped filling they’ll be a component that’s at fault. You may not be able to fix the issue yourself but take a look at a range of Sharp dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Sharp dishwasher problems

Sharp dishwasher programme won’t start

A common problem here is the door switch which if faulty will prevent your dishwasher from running and will need to be replaced if there’s no continuity. If the door latch is broken and won’t close properly this will also affect your appliance’s ability to start.

A blown thermal fuse will stop your dishwasher from starting, as will a defective timer. As the timer allows power to flow at designated times it may not be sending the correct voltage to the dishwasher resulting in starting issues.

If buttons don’t respond on the touchpad this component may be defective and need replacing. Bear in mind that if there’s an issue with the main control board this will affect the voltage sent to your dishwasher and cause starting problems.

Other starting problems could be related to electrical sources such as the incoming power supply, power sockets, switches, and fuses. A faulty water inlet valve or blocked water inlet filters can also be culprits.

Sharp dishwasher not draining

If water remains in your dishwasher at the end of the programme this could be due to a blocked or kinked water drain hose. An obstructed sink drain can also cause drainage issues. A dirty filter will also cause drainage issues as this is an integral part of your dishwasher that needs to be maintained to keep your appliance running.

A damaged drain pump will stop water from being drained during a wash cycle. Debris will typically be found near the impeller that increases the pressure and flow of water and needs to be removed. A resistance reading will confirm whether the drain pump should be replaced.

Remember that if the programme hasn’t finished this may be the reason why water is left inside your machine.

Sharp dishwasher not filling

If your dishwasher won’t fill with water there are several reasons why. It could be related to the float assembly which can get stuck in the wrong position and shuts off the water flow too soon, preventing any leaks. A defective float switch that’s triggered by water flow will also shut off the water and interfere with filling ability.

The water inlet valve may be dirty, blocked, or faulty and need testing for continuity. And a malfunctioning drain solenoid that regulates the drain valve could also need investigating.

Sharp dishwasher error codes

An error code displaying on your Sharp dishwasher is a specific number that relates to a system error. See below a list of failure codes and their meaning:

  • F1: Sharp dishwasher F1 error indicates that the alarm is active against water overflow
  • F2: Sharp dishwasher fault code F2 is showing that the wastewater in your appliance can’t be emptied
  • F3: Water is flowing inputting continuously into your dishwasher
  • F5: Sharp dishwasher error code F5 points to an inadequate water supply
  • F6: A faulty heater sensor will cause this code to display
  • F7: When the temperature on your dishwasher gets too high this overheating error code will show
  • F8: This is a heater error indication
  • F9: A divisor position error will trigger this error code

Get Sharp dishwasher repairs in London

If your Sharp dishwasher is experiencing any of the issues above you simply need to contact experienced dishwasher repairs in London. Your professional will quickly diagnose any problems and effectively repair them with the necessary replacement parts. You don’t need to pay a deposit or call-out charge, and every repair comes with a comprehensive quality guarantee that lasts for six months.