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Siemens Oven Error Codes and Troubleshooting Steps

Your Siemens oven is your trusty kitchen appliance that you probably use on a daily basis. Yet, after some time of usage or improper usage, you may find that your oven display shows certain error codes. Before you begin to troubleshoot the issues, it’s important to know where the fault lies. As a result, we’ve prepared this handy guide to help you quickly and easily diagnose a Siemens oven malfunction as well as ways in which you can attempt to fix this.

Siemens oven error codes and troubleshooting

Whether your Siemens oven light is not working or you have Siemens oven door problems, the first thing you should do is find out what the error code displayed on the screen stands for so that you know how to go about Siemens oven troubleshooting. Below are some of the most frequently experienced error codes that you can see as well as what they indicate.


You should open and close the appliance door.


You should first switch off the appliance, wait for 10 minutes and then switch it back on again.


When you see this error message, you should first attempt to switch the appliance off and on again. If the message disappears after this step, this was a once-off error. However, if you continue to see this error code, it’s advisable to call in a professional.


This means that the appliance door was opened immediately after the 'key' button was pressed. To rectify this issue, you should close the oven door and press the On/Off button.


An “E” error message can be addressed by resetting the oven clock. Tips For Buying Home Appliances

E101, E104 and E106

Begin by resetting the clock to cancel the error message. If the error continues to be displayed, it’s advisable to call in a professional. Despite these error codes, you will still be able to operate your microwave.


A possible reason for this error code is that a button has become stuck. You should press each button individually and check that they are all clean. If the error code persists, it’s time to call in an expert.

Other problems and their possible solutions

    • If the oven does not turn on: check that the oven timer is not on auto. If it is, turn it on to manual.
    • If the oven door is locked and will not open: you should turn the oven off at the circuit breaker and wait five minutes followed by turning the breaker back on.
    • If there is no heat in the oven: if your Siemens oven is not heating up, this is an indication that the fan or oven elements have failed. You should check the circuit breaker or fuse box and ensure that your oven is getting sufficient electrical power.
    • If the electricity trips when you turn on the oven or grill: it’s a problem that relates to a breakdown in insulation that breaks down in the elements and trips the power. Check that each element has not got “Earth” leaks on them. Alternatively, this could be a fault with the wiring.
    • If the grill element doesn't work: this is an indication that the grill element could be broken. It’s advisable to check the grill element itself, the oven changeover switch, the overheat thermostat and the main oven thermostat.
    • If your oven fan is not working correctly: You may need to replace the fan motor.
    • If the oven overheats and burns the food in it: this is a symptom of a thermostat failure.
    • If the oven cuts out after it's been on: this is a problem that is caused by overheating and is a direct result of a faulty fan motor, main oven thermostat, faulty safety thermostat or a failure of the cooling fan.
    • If the oven light is not working properly: check whether the light bulb is loose or defective. You may need to replace or reinsert it. Be careful of touching the bulb with your fingers as it could cause it to burn out.
  • If the oven is not self-cleaning properly: you should allow the oven to cool before running a self-clean cycle. Make sure that you wipe down any loose or heavy spillovers before running self-clean.

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