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Siemens Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

Siemens washing machine error codes are designed to help determine any issues your washing machine is experiencing. Identifying the fault is the first step with the error code being displayed on the digital display – this is typically a single letter followed by two numbers.

See common Siemens washing machine error codes including Siemens IQ500 washing machine error codes explained here…

Siemens washing machine error codes

Siemens washing machine fault codes don’t follow a numerological sequence and are categorised into different component errors as shown below:

Water level errors

Error codes 01 or E17 signifies a water level fault resulting from the water supply or trapped or blocked hoses. Checks will also need to be made on filters and inlet valves, electrical connections, and pressure switches.

Heater errors

F02 or 02 points to a fault with the heating element with error code F09 or 09 indicating unexpected heating has been detected. The heater and connections will need to be tested with a multimeter.

Drainage errors

Siemens washing machine error code F18 and F03 or 03 all relate to the appliance being unable to drain. This could be due to a blockage in the hose, pump, or filter, or an issue with the pressure switch.

Under this section will be listed error code F23 or fault code 23 which actually relates to a leakage problem detected by the appliance. If your machine has an anti-flood device installed this could be triggered by the float switch which may have become damaged or gone out of position.

Motor errors

There’s a range of error codes that encompass problems with the motor and they include F04 and 04, F05 and 05, F21 and 21, F42 and 42, Siemens washing machine error code F43 and 43, F44 and 44. Faults can take the form of excessive wear, wire corrosion, worn carbon brushes, and electrical circuitry problems. Tacho connections and the module may also be culprits here.

Sensor errors

Siemens washing machine error code 06 or F06, 07 or F07 indicates that there’s a problem with the NTC sensor in your appliance. If the connections are at fault the unit may need to be replaced.

Door lock errors

Siemens washing machine error code F08, 08, F16 or 16, and F34 or 34 are all associated with the appliance door. The latch itself may be damaged, or the catch obstructed in some way. There may also be an electrical component at fault. when the door won’t close securely oner of these codes will display.

Communication error

Error F10 or 10 relates to a communication malfunction between the module and the motor which could be a wiring or contact issue.

Resetting errors

Occasionally your washing machine may display error codes for no apparent reason. When this happens, the appliance should be reset. You may be able to do this by:

  • Setting the dial to the off position
  • Turn the dial to the half-way point
  • Press and hold the spin button and at the same time move to dial to the seven o’clock position on a traditional clock face
  • Hold the spin button for another five seconds before moving the dial back to the off position
  • Turn the machine back on and the error code should have been removed

Get appliance repairs from specialists

If you’re unable to find the source of your problem or are unable to successfully reset your machine you’ll need to contact a team of professionals.

Siemens washing machine repair London experts have years of industry experience and will be able to quickly diagnose and fix any problems for you. All tools needed to carry out repairs will be on-hand, and your hassle-free service will be fully insured and also come with a six-month quality guarantee.