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Siemens Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

A Siemens washing machine provides performance, comfort, and energy-efficiency. State-of-the-art technology offers innovative functions to give optimum results – and unique technical features are designed to make laundry care easy.

So, what happens when all this technology experiences a glitch? Look at Siemens washing machine problems and troubleshooting to find out more…

Common Problems

See some Siemens washing machine problems below:

Siemens washing machine not spinning

There are a number of reasons for this including:

  • - Carbon brushes wearing down
  • - Fault with the printed circuit board
  • - Blocked filter
  • - Obstructed drain pump
  • - Wiring harness fault

All of these issues can be quickly resolved by an experienced repair technician.

Siemens washing machine not draining

This can happen due to:

  • - Small objects obstructing drain pump
  • - Obstructed drain hose
  • - Damaged drain pump filter
  • - Faulty drain pump

A qualified repair engineer will identify and fix any of these problems.

Siemens washing machine keeps tripping the power

Potential causes include:

  • - Power supply, sockets, switch, or fuse complications
  • - Defective motor
  • - Leaking issues
  • - Overloading

Discuss these difficulties with a qualified electrical engineer who can safely overhaul the appliance to get it working again.

Digital Displays

Siemens washing machine error codes will appear on your appliance – this list of Siemens washing machine fault codes will help you to identify the issue even if you can’t fix it yourself:

Water Level Complications

Error 01 and 17 – indicate a water level error has been detected by the appliance which implies a block or kink in the supply hoses or filters. Anything more complicated will need the help of a professional.

Heater Problems

Error 02 means there may be a problem with the heater, whilst error 09 points to unexpected heating in the washing machine that could have many causes and will need to be checked and components possibly replaced by an experienced engineer.

Drainage Errors

Siemens washing machine error code E18 and error code 03 shows the appliance can’t drain properly – often due to an obstruction in the filter or drain pump. A repair technician will quickly identify the fault and resolve it for you.

Motor Issues

Motor error codes are varied and many – 04,05,21,42, 43, and 44 all specify an error of some sort with the motor. This could be corrosion or wire damage, or excessive wear. Any motor issues can be identified and professionally fixed.

Sensor Faults

Error codes 06 and 07 relate to a problem with the sensor in your appliance – this could be a defective component or problems with the connections. This can easily be rectified by a repair technician.

Door Lock Defects

The codes that connect to an error with the door lock are 08, 16, and 34 – the door latch or catch may be damaged, rt it may be a more complicated problem that requires the expertise of a repair engineer.

Communication Failings

Error 10 shows that your appliance has detected an internal communication problem that relates to an electrical or wiring issue. You’ll need the help of a qualified engineer to carry out any repairs safely.

Siemens washing machine fault code F29 may appear in the digital display of some models – this is the error code that indicates the flow sensor isn’t measuring any water coming into the appliance and could be an issue with the water supply.

Arrange a Visit from an Expert

If you don’t have the skills or the tools to fix your appliance there’s a simple solution. Book a Siemens washing machine repair London specialist to carry out the work for you. You’ll be able to get a quote on the job you need doing upfront – and be able to make an appointment six days a week. With a fully insured service and a six-month quality guarantee, you’ll be in safe hands.