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Simpson Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

Simpson top and front load washing machines are designed for busy families to take the fuss out of doing the laundry with an effortless experience! But even the most reliable appliance can sometimes experience operating issues. See a range of Simpson washing machine problems and troubleshooting here...

Simpson washing machine troubleshooting

Wash cycle taking too long

This indicates that the filters are blocked which is slowing the water entry, causing your appliance to take longer than normal to fill and operate. Other reasons for this can be a kinked inlet hose, a blocked pump, or an out of balance load.

The door won’t open

All front loaders have a safety lock on the door which prevents the door from opening during wash cycles and stays locked for two minutes after the cycle has ended. If the door remains locked this points to an issue with the door switch or a faulty interlock. Top loaders may have issues with the hinges.

Not draining

This problem may be related to a blocked pump, that is preventing the water from draining, or an obstruction or kink in the drain hose. Excessive detergent can also cause suds to block the pump.

Unable to fill

If the filters in the inlet hoses are blocked this will cause this problem. Other reasons could be a kinked or damaged inlet hose, issues with the water inlet valve or water pressure. Bear in mind the door needs to be securely closed to allow the filling to begin.

Simpson washing machine error codes

Some Simpson washing machine error codes are explained below:

Simpson washing machine E10 error code

This error code display indicates a water inlet fault, a closed tap, or a kinked water inlet hose preventing your appliance from filling with water.

Simpson washing machine E11 error code

E11 error code displaying on your Simpson washing machine means that your washing machine hasn’t filled with water during the wash cycle and may have the same faults as listed above.

Simpson washing machine error code E13

E13 Simpson washing machine error code is a leak fault where your washing machine has detected an unexpected drop in water level. This may be a fault with the pressure sensor tube or a drain hose that’s positioned too low.

Simpson washing machine E20 error code

E20 error on your Simpson washing machine is a drainage fault that could be caused by a blocked drain pump filter, an obstructed hose, or a defective drain pump or pump impeller.

Simpson washing machine error code E25

E25 error code related directly to a faulty aqua control circuit on the main control board that maty have to be replaced.

Simpson washing machine E31 error code

E31 is a pressure sensor circuit fault that could be caused by a defective pressure sensor, or by faulty wiring or connections to the main control board.

Simpson washing machine error code E35

Error code E35 is an overfill fault meaning that the water level is above the normal operating level. This is typically due to a faulty water inlet valve not shutting off, or by a partially blocked pressure sensor tube.

Simpson washing machine E40 error code

E40 Simpson washing machine error code indicates that the door isn’t closed. This could simply be due to a door lock fault, or a more complex issue with the main control board.

Get Simpson washing machine repairs in London

Whether you’ve got Simpson washing machine top loader problems or front loader issues you’ll be able to arrange a fully insured washing machine repair service from highly trained and experienced technicians in London. You won’t need to pay a deposit or a call-out fee, and free quotes are readily available for work that will be automatically guaranteed for six months.