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Smeg Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

Smeg slimline freestanding and integrated dishwashers are A+ energy efficient. They have a wide range of key features including quiet noise levels, glass care programmes. And quick wash and timer delay options. Concealed heating elements and adjustable water softener adds to their appeal.

But sometimes features don’t function as they should. See a range of Smeg slimline dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

The Basics

A Smeg dishwasher not starting could simply be a problem with the power supply – the appliance won’t start if water is unable to be drawn from the mains water supply. Shut-off valves need to be open. And then the dishwasher should verify the setup and start of a wash cycle.

If this isn’t happening the power outlet itself may be at fault. and household fuses and circuit breakers need to be checked. You’ll need to contact an electrician to safely inspect and put right any power issues.

The water supply and the wash cycle will then need to be rechecked as the appliance may need to be reset – another task that can easily be done by a trained technician.

Identifying the Codes

Your Smeg dishwasher has a self-diagnostic system that detects and signals a number of possible Smeg dishwasher faults. Smeg dishwasher error codes include the following – all numbers are prefixed with the letter E:

  • 01 – this indicates that the anti-flooding system has been activated – meaning that the water level in your dishwasher is at too high a level. Reasons for this include a faulty valve, a blocked filter, or a result of adding too much detergent causing excessive foaming.
  • 02 – this code signifies that the water level limitation has tripped – causing overfill issues. Likely reasons cover a defective pressure switch which monitors the dishwasher water level. Wiring and connections between the switch and the control board will be safely checked by a qualified electrician.
  • 03 – when the appliance can’t heat the water this code is displayed – and the common issue is with a faulty heating element which may need to be replaced. Smeg dishwasher troubleshooting here can include any faulty wiring or connections between the control board and the heating element itself.
  • 04 – if the temperature sensor that monitors dishwasher water temperature is defective this code will display – the sensor will need to be inspected and tested. And possibly replaced.
  • 05 – this code indicates that the dishwasher can’t take in water – pointing to a possible problem with the water inlet valve. Other culprits could be an incorrectly turned tap or a kinked or damage inlet hose.
  • 06 – a Smeg dishwasher not draining will display this code – and this could be due to a blocked pump or filter. If these aren’t cleared out the water won’t be able to leave the appliance. If the pump is damaged or faulty it will need to be expertly replaced.
  • 07 – when the dishwasher can’t measure the amount of water entering the machine this code will appear on the display – and could indicate an issue with the control board. The appliance may need to be reset or the control board may need reprogramming. Corrupted boards will need replacing.
  • 08 – there’s a problem with the water distribution system to the baskets if this code shows – and a plumber may be needed to sort this issue.
  • 09 – a water intake system malfunction has been detected – and will require a trained technician to figure out what’s wrong and fix the problem.

Time to Call in the Experts

Smeg dishwasher repair London technicians will diagnose and solve any problems. You’ll be assured of an insured service carried out by qualified engineers. And a follow-on warranty that lasts for six months for all repairs. When you’ve got a Smeg dishwasher fault you can make a short notice booking. And get professional repairs. Fast.