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Smeg Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

A Smeg electric oven is a high-quality appliance available in a range of styles to suit every kitchen space. However, when your oven isn’t operating properly it helps if you can diagnose the issue even if you can’t fix it without expert help.

Want to find out more about Smeg oven problems and troubleshooting? Read on…

Smeg oven not working

This problem is typically an electrical fault if your oven is totally unresponsive. It may be a faulty power cable connected to the outlet, a defective power socket, or a fuse that has tried the circuit breaker.

If there’s power at the wall switch this indicates that the problem is with your oven, and you may need the help of a qualified engineer.

Smeg oven not heating up

This could be due to the heating elements not working. The presence of a fault can be detected by a multimeter that tests the resistance. The grill element and the third element located at the base of your oven will also need to be checked.

If your oven light is coming on and then turning off when the required temperature has been reached this indicates defective elements rather than the thermostat. So problems with the light turning on are generally related to the thermostat whereas the light staying on continually points to malfunctioning elements.

An issue with the thermal cut-out will also cause heating problems. If the part short-circuits and the timer remains set but there's no power to the oven then the problem could be with the control board that may need testing and possibly replacing.

Smeg oven won’t turn on

There are a few steps to follow to turn your Smeg oven on:

  • Press the function knob to turn on the display
  • Turn to the right or left to select the required function
  • Press the programming knob and turn to set the temperature
  • Press the function knob to start cooking

    If you're unable to carry out these instructions you should contact your local appliance repair technicians as there could be an incoming power problem. The power source will need to be safely tested.

    Other components that need to be investigated will include the wire connections, thermal fuses, thermostat sensor, and the control board.

    Smeg oven clock not working

    You may be able to reset your oven to correct this issue by removing the power cable from the outlet and waiting for 20 minutes. As you plug your oven back in the oven timer should reset as well.

    Alternatively, holding the timer buttons down at the same time can sometimes reset the timer. If these simple steps fail to work then the problem may be more complex with the timer experiencing structural damage. When this is the case the timer will need to be replaced.

    Bear in mind that a clock that’s not set properly can result in your oven not working at all. If the clock isn’t displaying and your oven is experiencing operating difficulties this implies that there may be a fault with the terminal block where there are a number of circuits connected by links to the main power. This issue will need an expert to resolve.

    Smeg oven fan not working

    If your oven fan is experiencing problems it will probably coincide with it making noises. This is caused by dry or worn bearings on the motor. Your oven may have two fans - the cooling fan located at the top of the oven, and the circulation fan found in the centre of the back panel. Either of these fans can be effectively replaced as necessary.

    Free quotes for Smeg oven repairs in London

    Getting a Smeg oven repair is simple when you contact experienced oven repairers in South London. Your fully insured service will come with qualified technicians that know just how to fix your oven using the most effective tools and equipment. You’ll also get a comprehensive guarantee that lasts for six months.