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Stoves Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

Stoves multi-function ovens have touch control panels that are easy to wipe over. Catalytic wall linings keep grease and dirt at bay. And modern styles range from contemporary to designed and built-in.

But even the most advanced technology can have glitches. Want to find out more about Stoves oven problems and troubleshooting? Read on…

Common Problems Highlighted

When some functions won’t work properly you may have to call in a trained engineer to fix the problem. However, there are some issues that occur that indicate where the source of the difficulty lies – even if you can’t fix it yourself.

Stoves cooker knobs problems include Stoves cooker knobs melting. Over time and many hours of use, the knobs may simply wear, making it impossible for you to use them effectively. But melting knobs point to other causes which include defective door seals.

A faulty gasket will allow heat to escape from the oven – leading to the control knobs melting. If you can feel warm air coming out of the oven that implies a gap in the door seal. And it will need replacing.

Door hinges can also damage the cooker knobs when they’re not aligned correctly. Warm air will escape when the door won’t shut properly – heat will be lost and the control knobs may melt.

A cooling fan that doesn’t work properly in preventing the oven from getting too hot may also allow hot excess air to leave the oven – even after cooking had finished. You may need a replacement fan. And the main oven motor and heating elements will need to be inspected for potential damage.

A Stoves oven clock not working could be due to several factors. The fault could lie with the clock itself – if you’re unable to set the time on your oven the clock may need repairing or replacing. If the clock isn’t set this may be due to a surge in power. And if resetting doesn’t work the clock may have experienced some damage.

If your clock doesn’t display at all this could be due to issues with the terminal block – this is located at the back of the oven and is connected by circuits and links from the main power connection. Loose links or connectors can result in damage to the clock and will need an engineer to safely repair or replace them.

When food is burning in your Stoves cooker, you’ll need to ensure that the thermostat has been correctly set. Cooking with a fan generally requires lower temperatures and shorter cooking times than conventional cooking – and the thermostat regulates and maintains a stable temperature.

If the thermostat fails it stops regulating the temperature causing the oven to overheat. If you find your oven is incinerating food, you’ll need to get the thermostat replaced.

If the thermostat neon light is on continuously but there’s no heat then the culprit may be the heating element. And this also may need replacing.

If your Stoves cooker has a cooling fan failure this may be due to worn bearings. You might get weird noises such as rumbling or rattling that indicate the cooling fan motor is deteriorating. Greasing the bearings is a temporary solution – but as the heat dries out the lubricants the fault will return. If the fan blades are damaged the sensible option is to have the fan motor replaced.

Get Repairs with Six Month Warranties

You’ll find Stoves cooker and oven repairs experts at trusted appliance repair providers. Electric oven repairs will be just one of their specialities. Only fully qualified professionals will be sent to you –on the same day if you need them. You can ask for a free quote beforehand – and you never have to pay a deposit. Your Stoves cooker will quickly be up and running effectively once more.