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The Most Common Indesit Washing Machine Problems And How To Troubleshoot Them

Got an Indesit washing machine? You’ll have received an instruction manual when you bought it. When your appliance fails to work, you’ll want to have an idea of where the problem lies before you call for assistance. It’ll be quicker and easier to search for an issue within these guidelines. Look at the most common Indesit washing machine problems and how to troubleshoot them here…

Error Codes and Light Flashing

Indesit washing machine fault codes are simple to understand. There are five LED Indesit washing machine flashing lights on the display. Depending on the fault one or more of the lights will blink. This’ll indicate where the issue is. Light flashing covers faults with pre-wash, wash, spin, and end of programmes.

The codes go from F01 to F18. Indesit washing machine fault Code F05 for example signifies a waste pipe blockage or a pump issue. This means that the door may not open. Or if it does the water stays inside the drum. Your engineer will check for blockages in the pump filter, waste hose, and all plumbing under the sink.

For a comprehensive error code listing check your manual or search online.

Common Indesit Problems

Indesit washing machine fault lights will be activated when the appliance is experiencing difficulties. These can include when the washing machine:

Isn’t spinning

This can be caused by balance sensors. If you’re washing a small load the sensors may prevent the spin cycle as they deduce a potential risk. Excessive vibration can damage the appliance. And put additional stress on the drum and bearings.

Won’t drain

A blocked pump or hose may be the culprit here. Items of clothing can get stuck in the drainage system and clog the hoses leading to the pump and sometimes the pump itself.

Drum won’t turn

The cause of this issue can be related to a faulty motor or controller. Worn brushes, or a problem with the belt will all need to be checked out.

Is noisy

Failed bearings can cause noise. As can something stuck in the drum such as a coin or other foreign object. A blocked filter or drain pump will also cause the washing machine to be noisy.

Is moving

Older models can suffer from failing shock absorbers that connect the drum to the machine. A non-level floor will also contribute to the appliance travelling.


The build-up of bacteria in the detergent drawer and the drum seal will cause unpleasant smells. Low temperature washes and modern plastic drums may cause mould and mildew issues that are harmful to your health.

Won’t end cycle

There are many reasons that can cause your washing machine not to finish its cycle. These include faulty carbon brushes, thermostats, heaters, ands drainage problems. Washing machines with built-in sensors will immediately identify overheating and automatically stop mid-cycle.

Door is stuck

When the appliance detects water in the drum the door lock won’t release to prevent flooding. If this isn’t the case the door lock mechanism may be faulty. Don’t be tempted to force the lock as this can damage the door, lock, and machine itself.

Is leaking

Your washing machine may leak from the front, back, or underneath. There may be something wrong with the water supply hoses, the drum seals, or the water pump. Excess foam overflow can occur of you use too much laundry detergent.

Get a Guaranteed Fix

When you need an Indesit washing machine repair you’ll need to call in the professionals. Washing machine repair London experts will only employ trained and qualified engineers. And you’ll get upfront quotes and six days a week availability with no extra costs. Book a hassle-free appointment today!