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The Top Washing Machine Brands In The UK

A washing machine is just one of the appliances we really can’t live without – but with the vast range of machines available it’s quite a task to choose the best by looks and specification alone. They can be an expensive addition to any household – but selecting the right one for your needs will ensure reliability and superb wash results for many years to come. Sales of automatic washers reached over 10 million units last year – take a look at the top washing machine brands in the UK here…

How to Choose the Best Washing Machine?

What is the best washing machine to buy in the UK? This frequently asked question can be answered simply – don’t be tempted to select a machine based on price alone – this can be a false economy and be more expensive in the long term. A less expensive appliance may:

  • Take longer to wash clothes
  • Use more water and electricity
  • Not remove deep-seated stains
  • Break down more regularly
  • Not be worth repairing

Features to Look For in a Washing Machine

Energy Consumption

You need to buy a machine with the highest grade of efficiency that you can afford. Appliances are graded from A+++ for energy consumption and water usage – that determines how much your washing machine will cost to run annually. Look for machines with low power and water consumption figures as different models can vary significantly.
Wash Cycles

If you often wear delicate items a special silk or wool-certified programme can save a lot of hand washing. Some machines will provide anti-creasing settings, and others will offer a 15-degree wash that helps save money.
Spin Speeds

The spin speed informs you of how fast the drum is spinning – in revolutions per minute. The faster the speed the drier your washing will be when the cycle is completed. Budget washing machines spin at about 1100 rpm, but best performance spins are between 1400-1600 rpm.

Drum Size

This is measured by the total dry weight of washing that can be loaded into the machine – for an everyday household, this would be 6kg. A larger drum will, however, will tend to be more efficient as it needs less water and detergent – and gives you the option of washing bulkier items such as duvets in one go.

Clear Displays
It’s essential to have a washing machine that’s easy to understand and to use – with clear displays that tell you the current setting, and how long is left on the wash cycle.

Market Favourites

Indesit Logo

Indesit My Time EWD71452W
At £219.00 this machine is perfect for those on a budget – and great for medium sized households. There are six cycles to choose from – all of which give outstanding results in less than an hour. Dedicated washes prevent any damage to clothing, and water balance technology weighs and adjusts each load for a tailored wash.


Beko WTB1041R2
This budget-priced machine at around £280 has an unusually large drum capacity of 10kg and a range of wash cycles normally associated with more expensive appliances. It’ll wash a small 2kg load in 14 minutes and a full load in 30. It’s energy efficient, performs exceptionally well, and is fairly quiet. The DrumClean programme runs an extra hot 70-degree cycle to prevent soap scum and bacteria from collecting around the seals.


Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RPD10657DD
Coming in at around £440 this family sized washing machine is perfect for large loads – with a drum size of 10kg. Spin speeds of 1600prm and direct injection technology which pre-mixes the detergent and water to tackle tough stains, ensure competitive running costs with a fantastic wash performance. Super Silent brushless motors guarantee minimum noise output.


Bosch Serie 8 i-DOS WAWH866OGB
This is another brilliant machine for big families – with a 9kg drum and an A+++ rating. The machine features detergent and water-saving options, with the detection of size, weight, and degree of dirt in the load. A single top-up lasts for 20 wash cycles! Bosch has an excellent reliability record and a reputation for intuitive and user-friendly controls for a fuss-free, efficient appliance with low running costs.


Miele WDB020
This most reliable washing brand UK model is priced at about £749 – and is a quality machine with cast iron counterweighs that don’t crumble, large drum bearings that are more serviceable, and all the wash programmes you’re ever likely to need. The 7kg drum is honeycombed to ensure garments slip and slide without contact – delicate fabrics won’t catch or bobble. Equipped with automatic load recognition sensors and A+++ rated for energy consumption this machine is a premium choice.


At £849 this machine is at the top end of budgets – but OKOMix technology guarantees that every fibre is cleaned and cared for. Every trace of detergent and softener is mixed with water to dissolve and activate it completely before it even goes into the drum. At the end of the wash cycle, there’s anti-crease technology that helps to reduce ironing times with an addition of steam.
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