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Top Load vs Front Load Washers Pros & Cons

Front loading washing machines have become increasingly popular in recent years, but the top loader remains a competitor! The difference between a top load and front load washing machine is basically the method that you fill the appliance – the top load is loaded and unloaded through an opening in the top, whilst the front load is filled through the door at the front.

Before choosing your type you need to know advantages and disadvantages based on different facts. Here’s a list of top load vs front load washers pros and cons:

Top Loading Pros

Open top loading washing machine
  • + Modern technology and advances in design mean many carry the Energy Star label

  • + The initial cost is less

  • + Easier to operate as you don’t need to bend

  • + Added extras may include adding detergent after the wash cycle has started

  • + Shorter cycles means less expensive to run

  • + Smaller sizes mean it fits anywhere!

Top Loading Cons

  • - Not all models are energy efficient

  • - Less features and options are offered

  • - More detergent is often needed and stain removal not as effective

  • - Not so gentle on clothes due to the agitator located in the drum

  • - Smaller size means greater number of washes

Front Loading Pros

Washing machine door
  • + All models are energy efficient and use minimum amounts of water and detergents

  • + Cleans clothes gently and effective at stain removal

  • + High speed spins reduces drying times

  • + Larger capacity drums means less loads of washing and are totally suitable for families

  • + Water preservation is really advantageous as this is one of our biggest environmental problems

  • + You can stack a tumble dryer on top saving space in your laundry

Front Loading Cons

  • - Door seals may develop mould if not maintained properly

  • - Big machines may not fit into every home situation

  • - You have to bend to load and unload which may be a problem for those with back issues

  • - High speed spins may cause machine to vibrate and move, and might tangle clothes

  • - Washing cycles are long, can be inconvenient, and there’s no interruption of the wash cycle

  • - Initial cost can be quite high

Are top loading washing machines better?

Now you have all the facts, you need to decide for yourself. If comfort in loading and unloading, adding items mid-cycle, and a low purchase price are all appealing, then this could be the appliance for you. Take into account the average life expectancy being about 11 years, and the relatively low cost of repairs and replacement parts, the top loader does have a lot going for it. There are now high-efficiency ranges that do use less water – check the Energy Star label that indicates that washers use 30% less energy and 50% less water.

Need a washing machine repair?

Washing machine repairs don’t have to be stressful these days – just find a reputable washing machine repair company that offers you:

  • A fully insured service delivered with a six month guarantee
  • Short notice bookings and flexible appointments
  • Affordable prices and quotes before your service begins
  • Specially trained staff who use modern tools and equipment