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Tricity Bendix Tumble Dryer Problems And Troubleshooting

Tricity Bendix tumble dryers are easy to use, great value for money, and have additional features such as non-crease programmes and timer control. With multiple ventilation points and up to 6kg drum capacity, these dryers are a solid budget-friendly family option.

So, what do you do when your tumble dryer isn’t operating as it should? Look at some common Tricity Bendix tumble dryer problems and troubleshooting here…

Tricity Bendix tumble dryer problems

These can include:

Tricity Bendix tumble dryer won’t start

There are several possible causes and these are often related to electrical issues. Culprits could be the power supply, power socket, or a blown main fuse. If your tumble dryer keeps tripping the electrics it could be down to the condenser box being partially blocked. If the interior of the dryer becomes damp a flash-over may result between live and neutral wiring, causing the fuse to blow. Any of these problems can be safely rectified by a qualified engineer.

Other reasons could be the door not closing securely, the selector dial not set correctly, or the water tank is full or not properly inserted.

Tricity Bendix tumble dryer not heating

A Tricity Bendix tumble dryer not heating up indicates that the heater may have overheated, tripped the circuit breaker, and needing to be reset. If your tumble dryer doesn’t have a reset button the not heating problem may be due to a thermostat or Thermal Overload Cutout tripping.

The thermostat is often part of the heating element assembly. This component with electrical wires attached can experience faults if the wiring is faulty. Tests can quickly be carried out by an appliance repair technician and any problems resolved.

Other tumble dryer heating problems can be related to the vent. If this becomes obstructed by lint or other debris it’ll affect the dryer’s ability to heat.

Tricity Bendix tumble dryer taking too long to dry

When the laundry isn’t dry enough on completion of the cycle this could be due to a blocked filter or condenser. This problem can also arise if the room temperature is too high. Other causes can include a full water tank, an overload of laundry, or an incorrect dryer installation.

Tricity Bendix tumble dryer not spinning

A tumble dryer drum not turning is typically caused by a snapped drive belt. Many dryers require a special tool in order to detach and reattach the belt so this repair is best left to an expert.

A faulty start capacitator will also affect the rotation of the drum. The capacitator kick-starts the motor so if this part is defective the drum won’t turn. Another possibility is that the motor itself may have developed as a fault in which case the motor would have to be repaired or replaced.

Tricity Bendix tumble dryer making strange noises

If your tumble dryer is making noises this could be related to the following:

  • Banging and rattling – keys or coins left in garments
  • General vibration – an uneven surface will cause this
  • Shaking and rumbling – the drum bearings may be worn
  • Continuous loud banging – the drum may need reposition to prevent interior scraping
  • High-pitched whining – the motor bearings may be worn out
  • Squeaking – this can be the result of wear on the tension pulley wheels

Want a guaranteed tumble dryer repair?

Tumble dryer repair London experts will provide you with a six-month quality guarantee for any repairs you have carried out on your Tricity Bendix tumble dryer. You’ll be able to book your appointment at short notice and get an appointment on a Saturday if you need to – for no extra cost. Trained and experienced technicians will get the job done using advanced tools and equipment. Your tumble dryer will soon be working as new!