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Tumble Dryer Repair in South London That's Fast and Reliable

Tumble dryer repairs

Exclusive Repairs provides you with an easy way to get fully insured and guaranteed tumble dryer repairs in South London.

We offer high quality repair services for all makes, models, and brands of appliance, working in hundreds of domestic homes across the local area. Your appointment will be easy to set up, will fit in around your working hours, and is always delivered by a neatly uniformed, fully trained specialist, equipped with the latest tools of the trade.


Make one quick call now and book your service - or get a quote on the work you need done with zero obligation. Full diagnostic prices start only from £65.

The Advantages of This Service

  • State-of-the-art technology and replacement parts always used.
  • 6 months service guarantee - as is your peace of mind.
  • Qualified and experienced experts carry out all work.
  • No deposit required and you get a clear quote on the work you want done upfront.
  • Same-day services on offer whenever you need them. Subject to availability of the necessary parts and an engineer.

Your Tumble Dryer Needs a Repair?

Tumble Dryer Repairs For All Brands

You can call on our repair services for devices made by a wide variety of manufacturers, including LG, Aeg, Falcon, Smeg, Neff, Baumatic, Hoover, Whirlpool, Rangemaster, Beko, Hotpoint, Zanussi, Samsung, Bosch, Indesit, Siemens, Electrolux, Diplomat and Cannon. Concerned that your domestic appliance isn't from one of these brands?

Don't be - we'll still be able to help you. Get in touch with us today and talk to us about the issues you're having with your dryer. We'll confirm that we'll still be able to work our magic.

Tumble dryer repairs

Qualified and Vetted Professionals

Because of the guarantee that we provide with every service, it's important for us as well as you to deliver the highest quality of repair work possible. That's why we'll only ever send a fully trained, vetted, and experienced specialist to complete your fix.

There's no part of South London and Dartford that we don't provide tumble dryer repair services for. Check out our coverage to make sure we're in your part of the city, or give us a quick call to confirm that we've got you covered!

Why Use Exclusive Repairs?

We're dedicated to providing you with a service that ticks all of your boxes in terms of convenience, and reliability. Firstly, this means we can be with you at short notice. It also means...

That's you're covered by a full quality guarantee for six months after your appointment.

On top of this, we work cleanly and tidily, and will always check with you to make sure you're happy before we leave.

Common Tumble Dryer Faults and Tumble Dryer Repair

Find out a little more about how your technician will diagnose and fix common tumble dryer problems:

  • The tumble dryer won't start - This is often an electrical problem. Faults in the door switch, in thermal fuses, or in the rotary or push start switch can all make the appliance refuse to operate. These will be tested using a multimeter and can be easily replaced if they prove to be at fault. It's also possible that the circuit board in the main control panel has burnt out - this can't be repaired but can be replaced. Defective timers can also prevent power from being delivered to the motor, but once again these can be replaced. If the problem is not electrical, the most likely culprit is a defective drive motor. Your repair man will remove the front panel and drum to gain access to the drive motor and test it. Faulty drive motors can be replaced.

  • The tumble dryer won't heat up - Common reasons for this issue include failure in the thermal fuse, a safely feature that prevents the unit from overheating, or failure of the heating unit itself. Your technician will use a multimeter to check the fuse before checking the heater. While any part in any appliance may fail, if this has happened early in the lifespan of the unit it's possible that it hasn't been maintained in the best way. Your technician will be happy to talk you through the simple measures you can take to ensure you get the best value from your tumble dryer. Simple things like cleaning filters regularly and ensuring that you don't overload the machine can make a real difference to the useful lifespan of your appliance.

  • The tumble dryer is getting very hot - If your tumble dryer is overheating your technician will start by assessing the simple things first. Insufficient airflow is a common culprit for this particular problem. This can be caused by clogged lint filters, poor venting, or dirty and clogged pipes. Other possible problems include failure of the cycling thermostat in older models or the thermistor used in place of the cycling thermostat in newer ones. The high-limit thermostat can also fail, particularly if this has been tripped repeatedly as a result of insufficient airflow. All of these electrical components will be tested and can be cleaned or replaced if necessary.

Need Something Other Than Tumble Dryer Repairs done in the South London area?

As well as specialist fixes for dryers, we offer services for a broad range of other kitchen appliances. Are you in need of electrical oven repair, cooker repair, or dishwasher repair? Or some knowledgeable attention for your washing machine?

Contact Exclusive Repairs whenever you need to be absolutely certain of getting that appliance working again!


Frequently Asked Questions

You can find us in South London within some areas like Sutton, Croydon, Kingston, Richmond, Richmond and more. If you want to find out if we cover your area, check here and read more.
This could be due to a clogged vent, faulty thermostat, or heating element issues. Regular maintenance and professional repairs can improve drying efficiency. Exclusive Repairs can help you!
Tumble dryers involve electrical components, so it's recommended to have repairs done by a qualified technician to ensure safety and prevent further damage. Contact our tumble dryer repairs team if you need it!
Yes, our technicians are trained to repair a wide range of tumble dryer brands. Contact us with your model and brand details, and we can schedule a repair service for you.