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Washing Machine Making Strange Noises? Here are the probable reasons.

Modern washing machines are designed to not only save time and money but also to be fast and quiet. Those with quiet features will display noise level for both washing and spinning in decibels – the lower it is the quieter it will be.

Others will have anti-vibration, inverter motors and EcoSilence which all help to reduce noise. So, when you have a washing machine noise it may be cause for concern. Washing machine making strange noises? Here are the probable reasons…

A Whole Range of Noises

A washing machine making noise can indicate issues with different components. See a guide to what the fault may be related to the different noises – even if you can’t fix it yourself:

Washing machine making loud banging noise on spinning cycle

A washing machine making noise when spinning indicates an obstruction in the filter, the rubber seal, or in the drum itself. This could be small items such as buttons or coins, or other metal objects including zips.

Debris in the rubber seal between the washer drum and plastic tub can cause a puncture resulting in a possible flood. The filter or lint trap may be clogged and need cleaning. The filter is located in different places depending on whether you have a front or top-loading machine.

Other causes could be related to the clutch which makes the connection between the transmission and the inner tub to reach the proper spin speed. If the clutch is wearing out it becomes loud during or after the spin cycle and will need to be replaced.

Grinding or rumbling sounds

A washing machine grinding noise points to a problem with the bearings. These help the drum move properly during the spin cycle and are small circular components that contain a number of tiny metal balls which move when the spin cycle operates.

A lack of lubrication may cause the drum to spin in an uneven manner and this is also a bearing-related issue. If bearings are worn replacing them early is essential as irreparable damage can be caused to the appliance.

A washing machine making loud noise when you turn the drum could imply that the drum itself may have split. There may also be an issue behind the drum where a part could have broken away or simply corroded.


A washing machine banging noise could be related to a detached shock absorber that holds the metal chamber inside the appliance – securing the drum. Id the absorber comes away it will result in a banging sound.

Top-loading washing machines often have special straps attached inside the cabinet, with rubber parts placed in each corner that support the drum. These dampening straps can stretch over time causing the drum to come in contact with the cabinet creating a loud banging sound.


A washing machine making clunking noise could signify a problem with the drive pulley which could be loose, cracked or damaged. If this is the case it will need replacing. If the belt kit has an issue one of the drive belts might be defective causing a piece to break off resulting in a loud noise whenever the motor is running.

Additional Noise Issues

A faulty water inlet valve with cause noise when the washing machine is filling. Defective drive motors, drain pumps, transmission, and motor couplings will all cause significant increase in unusual noise levels.

If the noise sounds like a plane taking off this could be due to loose concrete slabs that weigh down the drum – located internally. If these become unbalanced they will need to be expertly tightened.

Get Repairs from the Experts

Washing machine repair in London is easy to arrange. Simply call trusted and experienced appliance repair professionals. You’ll get a quick diagnosis for any noise-related issues – and a fully insured service that comes with a six-month guarantee.