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Washing Machine Not Spinning? Here’s What To Do

When your washing machine won’t spin there’s a whole host of reasons why. There are issues that may be covered in your owner manual. And signs that you’ll be able to tell your engineer about for an accurate diagnosis. See problems that can be resolved easily by a professional below…

Washing machine not spinning? Here’s what to do:

Check that the appliance is actually plugged in and switched on. Make sure the door is firmly closed. The washing machine won’t turn on if the door isn’t secure as there could be a risk of leaks or flooding.

You’ll need an electrician to sort out any power or wiring problems. And the pressure switch can be checked to make sure it’s not faulty. If you’ve got glass fuses that you can see have turned black tell your electrician about them too. In severe cases the motherboard may be faulty and may need replacing which can be quite expensive.

It’s also worth checking that the rinse hold has not been accidentally selected. This informs the machine not to rinse at the end of the cycle. You may need help with emptying excess water out of the washing machine here.

Washing machine drum not spinning – what’s the problem?

Washing machine not spinning

If the load is unbalanced this can affect the sensors and the electronic balance check. The check makes sure that clothing is balanced before the spin to avoid any damage to the machine. When the balance exceeds a certain amount the spin function won’t operate.

Overloading can also be a cause of the washing machine not spinning properly. And so can an unstable base which can cause an imbalance of the appliance itself. When an appliance is installed and not level it can result in the spin programme being affected.

Overfilling can also cause your machine to be noisy and move. Balance problems are unlikely if your machine stays immobile. Then internal motors may be the source of the setback.

Your washing machine drum not spinning could be an indicator of a faulty pump which may need to be repaired or replaced. Or the problem could lie with the drive belt which may be worn, loose, or broken. And will need fixing.

Washing machine not spinning fast – other reasons

If your washing machine uses a clutch technique to reach ideal spin speed when it wears out or breaks the drum won’t reach optimum speed, and it may not spin at all. You’ll need an experienced technician to replace this for you.

Outlet pipes may become blocked which means that water won’t drain from the machine. And the spin cycle won’t start. If the appliance also smells this could be a sign of a blocked drainage pipe.

If the filters are dirty this is another reason for the spin cycle not to operate properly. The drain filter and the pump blade will need to be cleaned. Your plumber will also be able to make sure that the drain hose is set at the proper height and not placed too far down the drain.

Secure connections of the water pipes and any leaks detected will be fixed by your engineer. And a check of your water supply will also be carried out.

Get Expert Help

Have the following information ready before you speak to the professionals. You’ll find it on the manufacturer’s data plate:

  • Model Number
  • Product Number
  • Serial Number
And if your machine is flashing an error code, make a note of that too.

Then washing machine repair London specialists will soon be at your door! You’ll be able to arrange an appointment that’s short notice and hassle-free. And get a quote for the job before it’s done. Only trained and qualified engineers will carry out your repairs. And they’ll come with a six-month quality guarantee.