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What Does Check Water on Bosch Dishwasher Mean?

Bosch dishwashers are designed for maximum flexibility and cleaning power – with a wide range of free-standing and integrated options to suit any kitchen. Adjustable shelving, super silent models, and quick washes all add to the attraction.

Fortunately, when your appliance is experiencing problems error lights will point you to where the fault may lie – even if you can’t fix it yourself. What does check water on Bosch Dishwasher mean? Read on…

Check water errors

Bosch dishwashers have built-in diagnostic systems that detect faults and show on the display screen as a number, flashing lights icon, or both. See below for more detailed information…

What does check water mean on Bosch dishwasher? This Bosch dishwasher check warning light will appear after your dishwasher has stopped mid-cycle. This could be caused by a power cut or something else that has stopped your dishwasher from operating.

A Bosch dishwasher check warning light flashing alongside error code E22 indicates there’s residual water in the sump which can be caused by a blocked pump, or a dirty filter. A replacement pump may need to be fitted.

A Bosch dishwasher check water light on with error code E3 indicates the appliance isn’t filling with water which could relate to a faulty water supply cut-off valve. This component can easily get stuck open with food debris and will then overfill or even flood. The water inlet valve assembly may need to be replaced if this is the problem.

Error code E4 with a check water light on points to a faulty water switch which needs to be accessed by removing the dishwasher tub, and is best left to the experts. The removal of the tub is also required if error code E6 is displayed as this is the detection of a faulty Aqua sensor which detects if the water is clean or dirty.

A Bosch dishwasher check water and rinse aid light flashing may indicate that the anti-flood switch has been activated. This may be accompanied by an error code E9. This is often caused by a blocked drain or a faulty drain pump, and you may find water leaks under the machine.

Error code E5 with the check water light flashing is a sign that the dishwasher has overfilled with water. This may need the float switch or water inlet valve assembly to be repaired or replaced.

Tap light flashing

A Bosch dishwasher tap light flashing is the icon that shows any problems or changes – a self-diagnosis system installed in the dishwasher. If the tap indicator lights up it may mean one of the following:

  • The water tap is closed
  • The siphon connection is closed
  • The water supply hose is kinked
  • The filter in the supply hose is obstructed
  • The filters are blocked
  • The drain hose is damaged
  • The pump is blocked
  • The pump cover isn’t closed tightly

If the tap light continues to blink after all of the above have been eliminated there may be a malfunction inside the dishwasher which will need inspecting by a trained engineer.

If the tap indicator is flashing alongside an E15 error code this indicates the problem may not necessarily be linked to the water supply. The main function of the flashing tap icon is to warn of failure – and this suggests that the dishwasher isn’t sensing water.

Bosch dishwasher repairs

A dishwasher repair in London is simple to arrange when you choose experienced appliance repairers. You’ll be sent a highly trained specialist carrying all the latest tools and equipment needed to diagnose and fix your Bosch dishwasher. You can get a free quote upfront, and your service will be fully insured and guaranteed for six months.