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What Does Dishwasher Salt Do?

What is dishwasher salt? The salt for your dishwasher is basically coarse-grained sodium chloride. This particular grade of crystallised granules is designed to regenerate household water softener with large grains that dissolve slowly and last longer in the dishwasher.

When used correctly dishwasher salt will improve the ability of the dishwasher to prevent hard water stains – leaving dishes and glasses spot-free. See how to use dishwasher salt here…

Putting Salt in Your Dishwasher

Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure dishwasher salt is added properly:

  • 1. Expose the salt reservoir by pulling out the bottom rack – you may need to lift it up slightly to unclip it from the rollers
  • 2. Unscrew the cap – if your dishwasher is new and this is the first time you’re using it the unit needs to be filled with water to the top of the opening – with subsequent use the water will stay in the unit and won’t need to be refilled
  • 3. Only use specified dishwasher salt in the softener unit, pouring it into the funnel until the reservoir is full – creating a soft water brine
  • 4. Clean any excess salt away with a damp cloth – or run an empty rinse cycle to remove any spilt salt
  • 5. Screw the cap back on securely and double-check to make sure it’s tight
  • 6. Replace the bottom rack – and your dishwasher is ready to use

Get Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

What does dishwasher salt do?

The purpose of the dishwasher salt is to reset the unit’s built-in water softener. This means that the water softener baskets filled with small resin balls are able to absorb the compounds attributed to hard water stains resulting in clean, spot-fee dishes.

The salt also prevents limescale from building up on the filter, especially common in hard water areas.

Why do dishwashers need salt?

If you don’t add dishwasher salt your dishes will start showing white stains from the calcium and magnesium found in the water. This is the formation of soap clumps that leave a residue on the dishes and is most noticeable on glassware.

And without salt, the water softener will eventually become saturated and won’t function properly. Dishwasher salt gets rid of any issues with cloudy appearances, and actually increases the lifespan of the appliance.

What happens if there’s too much salt in the dishwasher?

It’s quite difficult to put too much dishwasher salt in the appliance as once the reservoir is full any excess salt will be washed away in the first rinse. Loose salt on the surface of the dishwasher can often get mixed up with water used to clean the dishes and will give then a salty taste.

So, make sure you remove any excess salt by wiping down the area thoroughly, and that the cap is screwed on very tightly – running an empty rinse cycle will cure any over-salting issues.

How often should you put salt in a dishwasher?

Topping up about once a month is a basic guide, but you should check levels regularly. Some dishwashers have an indicator that shows when the dishwasher salt levels are running low. When the light comes on this means there’s enough salt for one last load of dishes.

If your dishwasher doesn’t have this feature a floating indicator will need to be checked to see if you need to add more salt.

When You Need Dishwasher Repairs

Dishwasher repair London experts are ready and waiting to assist! All you need to do is get in touch with a highly qualified team and explain the kind of problem you’re having – whether it’s related to dishwasher salt or not. You’ll be able to get a quick quote, arrange a short-notice booking, and be assured that all work is fully insured and has a six-month quality guarantee.