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Which Is Better – Vented Or Condenser Tumble Dryer?

Tumble drying your laundry simply means that you dry garments inside rather than air drying. It’s convenient and fast, and clothes leave the dryer warm and less wrinkled. Any clothing with the tumble dry symbol can go in the dryer, but some items need a required heat setting.

Choosing a new tumble dryer to suit you will bring up a range of options to consider, depending on your budget, energy efficiency, and load capacity. You’ll also want to know which is better – vented or condenser tumble dryer? Read on to find out more…

Vented and condenser tumble dryer differences

The variance between a vented and condenser tumble dryer is basically the way in which the air that’s saturated with moisture is taken away from the dryer during the cycle. As dampness is taken out of the load, it then has to be extracted from the appliance.

See below for a more detailed guide:

Vented tumble dryer data

A vented tumble dryer physically expels the moisture from the machine to the exterior of the property through a small vent or grill. The vent can be via a hose positioned through an open window or fitted to an external wall. You’ll need to bear in mind that when you install your vented tumble dryer that it’s close to a suitable wall or window, which may limit your location options.

As this type of dryer simply removes the moisture, it uses about 20% less energy than a condenser dryer, is also cheaper to buy, and more economically friendly to run. Low maintenance and reliability also feature – but the appliance itself may take up more room.

Vented driers dry quickly and as the moisture is taken out of the room this negates any damp build-up which can lead to mould, mildew, and unpleasant odours. Vent hoses can be quite easily damaged, so need to be handled carefully, but as the appliance uses simple mechanics repairs are generally easy and effective.

Condenser tumble dryer specifics

The hot air within the condenser tumble dryer is moved to a condenser chamber where it’s transformed into water and then collected and stored in a water tank also known as a reservoir.

When the tank is full, you’ll be alerted that you need to empty it, although emptying it after every load will prevent any potential overflow issues. On certain models, the water may be pumped out using the machine plumbing.

It takes a lot of energy to convert the air to water, and the appliance itself tends to be more expensive to buy. You’ll also need to factor in the fact that warm air coming from the dryer can cause a rise in temperature resulting in condensation, so a well-ventilated room, or the garage, is the best solution for location.

Condenser tumble dryers have the added benefits of more features and settings including individual drying modes for different fabric types, or variable drying speeds. Advances in technology are focused on developing this type of dryer.

In conclusion

Condenser or vented tumble dryer – which is better? Condenser dryers can be placed anywhere, have additional settings, and produce less condensation. However, they’re less energy-efficient and more expensive to buy.

Vented dryers dry clothes quickly without having a water tank to empty, are simple to operate, are usually cheaper to buy, and more economical to run.

Need a tumble dryer repair?

Whether you’re the owner of a vented or a condenser tumble dryer, you’ll want expert help if problems are being experienced. Tumble dryer repair London professionals will provide you with a fully insured and guaranteed service, with easy to set up appointments and work carried out by fully trained and experienced specialists.