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Which Ovens Are Best – Gas Or Electric?

When you need a new oven there are many options you can choose from. At the top of your wish list will be the cost, and energy efficiency to keep your bills low, coupled with a variety of cooking modes for versatility. And your preference for style and colour options will also need to be taken into account! So, which ovens are best – gas or electric? Take a look…

Gas ovens – the pros:

  • 1. They are considered to be more efficient to run and therefore cheaper over a longer period of time
  • 2. They don’t dry out food to make them ideal for baking and roasting
  • 3. Gas gives you instant control over temperature and flames
  • 4. Hobs are good for simmering as heat spreads evenly across the base of the pan

The cons:
  • 1. They tend to be more expensive to buy and install especially if you don’t have a gas connection in your kitchen as this can make a significant increase to your costs
  • 2. You’ll need a Gas Safe registered engineer to actually install your gas oven
  • 3. If the gas oven doesn’t have a fan you’ll need to rotate food to brown and crisp evenly
  • 4. Temperature variance is greater than in an electric one – gas hobs can be slow to heat up
  • 5. They can be trickier to clean with raised burners and pan supports

Electric ovens – the pros:

  • 1. They make up over 80% of the market as they’re generally less expensive to buy and fit
  • 2. Fans ensure an even heat distribution
  • 3. A variety of cooking options means greater versatility
  • 4. Steam convection ovens provide moisture needed for slow baked dishes
  • 5. Easy-to-clean hobs as the cooking surface is flat

The cons:
  • 1. Due to the price of electricity, they do often cost more to run as reported in many consumer surveys, although the new generation of electric ovens continues to offer improved energy efficiency within the changing energy market
  • 2. Hobs stay warm after power is turned off as electric ceramic hobs tend to hold on to heat longer
  • 3. Hobs can be quite slow to heat up
  • 4. Convection ovens with fans tend to dry food out, especially cakes

Energy efficient tips

Once you’ve made your decision and your new oven is installed it’s a good idea to make a note of how to keep it running efficiently. Here’s a brief guide:

  • 1. Cook food at lower temperatures with the aid of the fan
  • 2. Don’t open the oven door while food is cooking
  • 3. Ensure that door seals are working properly and consider replacing them if necessary
  • 4. Cook a range of food all at the same time
  • 5. Cook in bulk and freeze for later

Maintenance tips

Modern ovenTo keep your new oven operating at its peak performance and extend its life you can follow these simple tips:

  • 1. Clean your oven regularly – whether you do this by hand or by safely using the self-cleaning feature
  • 2. Keep gas injectors free from debris as this may stop ignition
  • 3. Clean when its is cool and scrape with appropriate cleaners
  • 4. Avoid cleaning under the knobs as dousing the electrics could cause it to short out
  • 5. Always unplug it to eliminate the risk of electrocution
  • 6. Inspect the burners for faults and replace damaged ones as small spots can cause a lot of problems
  • 7. Make spill barriers inside the oven with baking sheets or foil
  • 8. Check the heating elements which can cause reduced power and loss of performance if burnt out
  • 9. Replace oven bulbs by removing the cover when oven is cold
  • 10. Cool correctly with proper ventilation

The professionals

Whichever oven you choose there may come a time when you need help with repairs. Search online for a reputable company that provides safe and affordable domestic appliance repairs that have technicians who are fully insured and a service that’s guaranteed.

You’ll be able to get a free quote before your engineer arrives, and all the tools needed to get your job done will be brought to your door. Staff will be specially trained to be able to fix your appliance on-site, and you’ll be able to arrange hassle-free appointments at short notice. Your oven will soon be working perfectly again!