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Whirlpool Oven Problems And Troubleshooting Guide

Whirlpool offers a range of energy-efficient ovens that can be wall-mounted or stored under the kitchen counter. With multifunctional options and key features that include glide out shelves and powerful steam self-cleaning, they’re ideal for large households.

So, what happens when things go wrong? Don’t panic, look at some Whirlpool oven problems and troubleshooting guide here…

Whirlpool oven problems

Whirlpool oven not working

Checks will need to be carried out with the incoming power supply, sockets, switches, and fuses. The circuit breaker may have tripped if a fuse has blown. If an error code is displaying your oven may need to be reset to clear it. The Contol Lock function will also need to be turned off.

If your oven is electric it needs a 240V receptacle to work as it should. For a gas model, the receptacle should be 120V. If the outlet can’t support this required voltage this could be the source of the problem. A qualified engineer will quickly sort this out for you.

Whirlpool oven not heating

When your gas appliance isn’t heating there can be several reasons why with the igniter being the most commonly defective part. This component draws electrical current through the safety valve to open it and then becomes hot enough to ignite the gas in the oven burner. If the valve won’t open due to a weak igniter your oven won’t heat.

Other parts that will need inspecting include the bake element which can blister or burn out, and the bake and broil spark electrode which is used to ignite the gas. There may be issues with the thermal fuse which may trip to cut off the power, or a problem with the incoming power supply. Loose and burnt wire connections could also be the culprits.

Your repair technician will check the temperature control thermostat, the gas oven safety valve, the relay board, and the oven control board in order to completely resolve this problem.

Your electric oven not heating up is probably related to a blown fan oven element. This metal heating ring of steel heats to the desired temperature using thermostat settings. When it’s defective it will blow cold air around and the element simply won’t get hot and will need replacing.

Whirlpool oven not heating after self-cleaning

This could simply be due to the oven needing to be restarted. The best way to achieve this is to unplug the oven directly from the power outlet and leave it for a few minutes before plugging back in.

If this doesn’t fix the problem a more detailed inspection will need to be carried out. The self-cleaning process requires extremely high temperatures for long periods of time and occasionally damages wires or thermal fuses which will need to be expertly replaced.

Whirlpool oven says stop When the heat source to your oven exceeds a safe temperature the heat must be stopped. The stop signal indicates that this temperature has been reached and it's no longer an option to leave food in the oven.

Belling oven

Whirlpool oven error codes

Error codes will appear on your oven's display when there’s a problem. Here’s a selection of two-digit codes and their meanings:

  • F1: indicates a defective electronic oven control
  • F2: oven temperature is too high
  • F3: open oven temperature sensor
  • F4: oven temperature sensor has shorted
  • F5: control board has failed
  • F7: a function key is stuck
  • F8:a control board fail
  • F9: oven door lock has failed

When you need a guaranteed Whirlpool oven repair in London

Look no further than trusted appliance repair technicians with years of industry experience and all the tools needed to get the job done! You’ll be able to arrange a short-notice booking six days a week and get a quote on the work you want doing upfront. Your Whirlpool oven will soon be up and running as new.