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Whirlpool Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

Modern Whirlpool ovens have innovative features that reduce cooking time – and you can get spotless cleaning at the touch of a button. A+ energy ratings also offer excellent energy efficiency with lower consumption. But sometimes you may need help when things don’t work according to the guide. See some Whirlpool oven problems and troubleshooting here…

Common Causes for:

Whirlpool oven not heating

A frequent cause of the oven not heating is a faulty igniter. The job of this part is to draw electrical current through the oven safety valve to open it – getting hot enough to ignite the gas. A weak igniter will fail to open the valve causing the oven not to heat.

The bake element may not heat properly due to damage or burning out. This will need testing for continuity and may need replacing. When the fan element isn’t working properly you may start experiencing intermittent problems resulting in the fan blowing cold air around the oven.

Burner spark electrodes are used in bake and broil burner ignition – working like a spark plug. If the electrode is broken a spark won’t happen. You’ll need a qualified electrician to check this issue out.

Other factors include problems with incoming power, a tripping thermal fuse, loose wire connections, defective temperature control thermostats or valve and pressure regulators. And complications with the relay board or the oven control board.

Whirlpool oven won’t bake evenly

The convection motor circulates the air inside the oven via the convection fan. This is essential for the oven to heat evenly. And may need replacing if it lacks continuity. The convection element works alongside other heating elements and may burn out – causing the oven not to heat evenly – and may also need replacing. Other parts causing this problem could be related to the oven board control, temperature sensor, and the igniter. All easily fixed by an experienced engineer.

Whirlpool oven says stop

If your Whirlpool oven has a stop error message, you’ll need to press the button underneath the display. If the button is working the stop will go out and a cursor will appear at the bottom of the screen. Pressing the button repeatedly will get the cursor to the far right of the display. Set the time and your oven should work again. If not you’ll need to call in the professionals.

Whirlpool Oven Error Codes

Whirlpool oven error codes on the display are an indication that something’s wrong. And will help you identify where the problem is even though you may not be able to solve it. There’s a range of three letter, two digits, and four-digit error codes on Whirlpool ovens – depending on the model. Some common codes are listed below:

Three letter codes

  • LOC – indicates the child lock is on
  • PSH – a constant PSH error code relates to a power error which needs to be reset

Two-digit codes

  • F1 – a possible defective electric oven control
  • F2 – the oven temperature is too high
  • F3 – a problem with the oven temperature sensor
  • F4 – the oven temperature sensor has shorted
  • F5 – the control board has failed
  • F7 – a stuck function key
  • F9 – difficulties with the oven door lock

Four-digit codes

  • F2 EO – disconnected keypad wiring harness
  • F2 E2 – faulty cancel key button
  • F3 03 – defective oven temperature sensor or sensor circuit
  • F3 E2 – oven temperature too high in bake mode
  • F3 E3 – oven temperature too high in clean mode
  • F5 E0 – latch switch complications
  • F5 E1 – self-clean latch issues

Guaranteed Oven Repairs

Whirlpool oven repair London specialists will soon take care of any of the above issues. You’ll be able to get a quote on your repair before your service begins. And book an appointment six days a week – with short notice bookings readily available. Your fully insured service will be carried out by qualified technicians. And comes with a six-month guarantee.