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White Knight Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

White Knight washing machines have been designed for simplicity – simply select the desired wash programme and wash options then press the start button. Your programme selection will automatically choose the optimum wash temperature and spin speed.

But when things go wrong it’s helpful to know what the issue is even when you can’t fix it yourself. See a range of White Knight washing machine problems and troubleshooting here…

Understanding the Automatic Failure Detection System

Your White Knight washing machine is equipped with systems that warn you in case of any failure during the washing process. The error codes alongside White Knight washing machine flashing lights are explained below:

  • Error 01 – start/pause light blinking – the door isn’t shutting properly
  • Error 02 – programme ready light blinking – the water level is below heater indicating pressure is too low
  • Error 03 – start/pause and programme ready light blink – pump failure or blocked pump filter
  • Error 04 – programme end light blink – too much water in the machine
  • Error 05 – start/pause and end light blink – heater or heat sensor failure
  • Error 06 – programme ready and programme end light blink – the motor has failed
  • Error 07 – programme start/pause, ready light, and programme end light all stay on – indicates a configuration error
  • Error 08 – start/pause light, programme ready, and programme end light blink – a fault error has been detected
  • Error 09 – programme ready light and programme end light stay on – the network voltage is too high or too low

When any of the above errors show on your machine you should get in touch with your local experienced appliance repair engineers.

White Knight Washing Machine Troubleshooting

White Knight washing machine won’t start

Typically, this problem is related to an electrical issue. It could be a difficulty with the incoming power supply, the power socket, the switch or the fuse. These may then result in the tripping of the circuit breaker each time you turn the appliance on.

Alternatively, it could be due to the door being unable to shut properly. This may be caused by a faulty door lock, a broken latch, a defective switch assembly, or a problem with the main control board. All easily resolved by a qualified repair engineer.

White Knight washing machine not spinning

If the spinning process starts with a delay or won’t function this again could be related to an unbalanced load. However, it can also be due to an inability to drain properly caused by something getting stuck in the outlet pipe.

Other issues can be related to the washing machine filter, the hose leading to the drainage pump, or the pump itself. If filling and emptying are normal this indicates a problem with the drum motor – and specifically with the carbon brushes that can become worn over time.

White Knight washing machine not draining

There are a number of reasons why this happens with the most common culprit being an obstructed or kinked drain hose. Or the pump filter may be blocked. If clothes aren’t loaded into the machine evenly this can also lead to problems with drainage.

Other reasons could be a faulty lid switch assembly that is also a common problem with appliances being unable to drain.

Arrange Safe Washing Machine Repairs

White Knight washing machine repair London specialists will carry out long-lasting washing machine repairs that come with a six-month quality guarantee. You’ll be able to get a quote on the work upfront and book a short-notice appointment to suit you. Only specially trained and fully qualified technicians will diagnose and resolve any issues for you. Your White Knight washing machine will soon be up and running as new!