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Why Is My Tumble Dryer Making A Grinding Noise?

A noisy tumble dryer can be very annoying but it’s also an indication that there’s something wrong with your appliance and it may be in need of repair. Get answers to frequently asked questions about the noise your tumble dryer may be making here…

Why is my tumble dryer making a grinding noise?

Grinding can be related to worn rollers that are attached to the outside of the drum to help it spin. As they start to wear this can cause a grinding noise when the drum turns. If your tumble dryer has protective gliders preventing the rim from coming into direct contact with the metal cabinet these can also produce a grinding sound as they wear down. The thick rubber belt that circles the centre of the drum, supporting and allowing rotation, can sometimes slip and will make a grinding noise as it endeavours to maintain its position. And a damaged tensioner or idler pulley can make a grinding noise if the wheel and spring components malfunction. Why is my tumble dryer making a squeaking noise? A constant squeaking as the drum rotates could be related to the belt tension pulley which may be starting to wear. This will get progressively noisier and the belt can get damaged if not checked and replaced. When your tumble dryer is intermittently squeaking every few seconds the probable cause is a worn drum pivot bearing. This worn tumble dryer bearing noise is often accompanied by a dusting of black graphite on the bearing itself.

What does a bad dryer bearing sound like?

The answer to this is squeals! As the bearings lose their lubrication they heat up and their shape changes. This lack of lubrication causes a squealing noise as the metal of the bearings rubs against the bearing race. A buzzing or humming motor is a sign that the motor is getting power but the bearings won’t allow the pulley to turn.

Why is my new tumble dryer making a banging noise?

The most common reason for a banging noise is items such as coins left in pockets and this will become apparent when your tumble dryer is in full spin mode. When the banging is continuous this could be a problem with the drum itself, the drum bearings, or the motor bearings. A regular consistent banging when the drum turns is an indication that the drive belt is broken. Uneven surfaces can also cause a banging noise alongside shaking and vibration. Make sure your dryer is sitting on a level surface adjusting the height adjusters accordingly.

Why is my Indesit tumble dryer making a screeching noise?

A high-pitched screeching is typically caused by a defective tension pulley which can result in the drive belt coming off. You can spin the pulley manually to reproduce the noise before replacing this part.

Why is my dryer making a loud noise when spinning?

A loud droning noise points to an issue with the fan in the drum which may have become dislodged or distorted and become unbalanced. A loud humming noise indicates a seized drum, or in some cases a faulty capacitor or motor. A rumbling sound could be from the support wheels that have become misshapen, and a constant scraping could be a damaged jockey wheel that tensions the drive belt. A very loud whirring noise is generally a blocked drain pump or could be caused by the moisture sensor or felt tape.

Is it safe to use a squeaking dryer?

As a tumble dryer squeaking is generally not normal wear and tear it’s likely that your appliance is experiencing operating difficulties and needs a professional repair. Continuing to use your tumble dryer means you take a chance on doing more damage. Why not simply arrange for an experienced appliance repair technician to quickly diagnose any noise issues and resolve them for you?