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Why Is My Tumble Dryer Making A Loud Noise?

A tumble dryer eliminates the need to rely on the weather to get the washing dry – and often leaves fabrics softer than when air-dried. It’s convenient, quick, and good for both health and hygiene in your home.

Modern tumble dryers have sensors that measure the amount of moisture in clothing and switch off once dry – and many are expert energy conservers. With automatic self-cleaning systems and optimum drying performances, they are an appliance must-have!

So, what if your tumble dryer is making a loud noise? Here are the probable reasons...

Noisy Tumble Dryer Issues

Why is my tumble dryer making a screeching noise?

This is often related to a defective tension pulley which can cause the drive belt to come off. The pulley will need to be located by removing the necessary cabinet panels, and manually twisted and spun to detect any loud noises, and then replaced if necessary. This problem can be quickly diagnosed and repaired by an experienced appliance repair technician.

Why is my tumble dryer making a grinding noise?

A tumble dryer bearing noise is due to the drum not turning or spinning smoothly. If the noise is associated with the drum turning, and the appliance shakes and rumbles this is an indication that the bearings are the root of the problem. Your tumble dryer expert will check the bearings and identify the model number to determine the type of bearing needed to be replaced.

Metal objects hitting the drum sides, worn rollers, disintegrating gliders, and a damaged tensioner could all be culprits here – your technician will source the cause of the problem and fix it for you.

Why is my tumble dryer making a banging noise?

A new tumble dryer making a banging noise after installation can be due to automatic transit bolts located on the drum that bump and bang the first time you use the appliance. There is also a transit block in the door opening that needs to be manually removed.

When initially operated the dryer may be noisy as the pump, moisture sensor or felt tape get into action. This problem could also be caused by electrical installation which will need an investigation from a qualified appliance electrician.

Other Unusual Noises

A tumble dryer making a loud noise can also be due to a stuck motor which will produce a humming noise. A metallic noise points to the heat pump operating at a high-pressure level, which can also cause a knocking sound.

Rattling noises can be caused by defective fan housing or a fan that’s become loose. A dryer making a loud noise when spinning could be due to an uneven surface, drum bearings or the drum itself. All these issues can be checked and rectified by a professional.

An Indesit tumble dryer making a scratching noise is typically related to the metal drum scraping on something as it revolves. Serious issues can occur if the problem is left unattended as this results in excessive wear. Other scraping noises can be caused by worn-down plastic bearings, twisted casings, or lack of clearance between the drum and the back panel of the appliance.

Is it safe to use a squeaky tumble dryer?

If your tumble dryer is squeaking as the drum rotates this can indicate that the drum is worn. Or it can be a problem with the pulley not working properly. You need to get a consult and a repair as soon as possible as unintentional friction can on rare occasions cause a fire. However, this could simply be an issue with the drive belt – so it's worth getting an expert opinion.

In Conclusion

Any noise-related issues with your appliance can be easily diagnosed and fixed by trusted tumble dryer repair London experts. You’ll be provided with a fully insured service, experienced technicians, and a six-month service warranty.