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Will Overloading A Washing Machine Break It?

To get your laundry cleaned properly you need to choose the correct load size. Underloading can cause problems with wasting energy, detergent, and time as well as causing your appliance to become off-balance during the spin cycle.

You can find the perfect balance by putting your laundry into a bin bag and popping it on the scales to ensure it’s well within recommended load weight for your model. Then you can fill the drum evenly for a balanced load.

Overloading a washing machine can put extra strain on your appliance. Will overloading a washing machine break it? Take a look…

Know your load capacity

Understanding just how much your washing machine drum can cope with will help you to avoid overloading. Here’s a rough guide:

  • 6kg: 2 bedsheets, 5 hand towels, 2 pairs of jeans, a jumper, 6 t-shirts, 10 pairs of socks or underwear
  • 7kg: 2 bedsheets, 5 hand towels, 4 pairs of jeans, a jumper, 10 t-shirts, 20 pairs of socks or underwear
  • 10kg: 3 bedsheets, 8 hand towels, 4 pairs of jeans, 2 jumpers, 15 t-shirts., 30 pairs of socks or underwear

Overloading washing machine problems

How to know if you overloaded a washer: here are the results…

Issues with drainage

Small items such as socks can easily be sucked into the drainage pipes if your washing machine is crammed full. This will result in the hoses becoming blocked and the washing machine will then be unable to drain.

Laundry comes out dirty

A large mass of garments will restrict the normal circulation of the detergent which means that your laundry doesn't get cleaned. This will happen whether you use a powder or liquid detergent as access is limited for cleaning ability and you’ll find that stains aren't removed and clothes have white streaks on them or look patchy.

Garments have been damaged

Another problem with overloading your appliance is that garments can easily become torn or have holes in them due to zips and buttons catching on closely packed fabrics. This is caused by your washing machine running beyond its normal load capacity, and can even result in clothes getting jammed in the door seal.

Your washing machine is affected

Wet garments carry a significant amount of weight and this additional strain can damage component parts of your appliance. The drum can be damaged and your washing machine’s efficiency can be decreased. An excessively heavy load will also put stress on the bearings


  • You can find out the exact load capacity for your washing machine by referring to your owner's manual.
  • A lightweight mesh bag will help with pre-wash weighing.
  • Managing loads so that they’re appropriately sized will ensure proper circulation of detergent.
  • You should leave about 10cm between the drum and the top layer of garments.
  • Spread larger items such as sheets around the drum to evenly distribute the weight.
  • Proper wash loads ensure both your clothes and your washing machine stay in good condition for years to come.

Need washing machine repair in South London?

If you’ve overloaded your washing machine and are now experiencing problems with it not working properly you’ll need to call in the experts! You’ll be able to get a free quote for a full diagnostic price and there’s no call-out charge or deposit required. There’s even a same-day emergency service offered if you can’t get your washing machine to empty and the door to open. Only the latest tools and replacement components will be used by trained and experienced technicians, and all work is fully insured and comes with a six months quality guarantee. You’ll be able to book an appointment at a time that suits you and your washing machine will soon be up and running as new!