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Zanussi Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

The perfect dishwasher has washing programmes to suit all of your tableware. And a large capacity to handle a family’s daily dishes. Convenient delay starts and 30-minute quick washes are options that help fit cleaning dishes into your day.

Zanussi dishwashers offer all of these and more – with A+ rated appliances that save up to 25% on energy bills. But sometimes things can go wrong, and you may find it helpful to know where to start looking for the fault – even if you can’t fix it. Look at Zanussi dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Error Code Explanations

Zanussi dishwasher error codes have phase indicator lights that flash when there’s a problem. When one or more lights are flashing at the same time numbering AL1, 2, 3, 7, and 8 you’ll need to switch off the dishwasher and call a Zanussi engineer.

A sample of other flashing lights and their meanings are shown below:

  • AL4 – when these washing and drying indicator lights are flashing it shows that the protection against flooding is active. Using the appliance may cause an internal leakage – often between the pump and the spraying arms. All you can do is close the water tap and contact an expert.
  • AL5 – this warning light flashing indicates that the appliance isn’t filling with water. The water supply or tap may be cut or turned off. Other issues could be related to the inlet hose, or the filter which may need cleaning.
  • AL6 – A Zanussi dishwasher not draining will cause this indicator light to flash. And the cause could be a damaged drain hose. Or a blockage within the drainage system. Additional checks will need to be made of the drain hose extension, waste connection, and drain hose venting.
Dishwasher Zanussi Door Problems

Other Zanussi Dishwasher Faults

A Zanussi dishwasher beeping intermittently points to a blockage in the sink spigot. Or an incorrect connection of the water drain hose. The hose may also be squashed or kinked. If there is a sequence of beeps and the dishwasher doesn’t start the cycle this could be due to an issue with the door not closing properly. The delay start function may be disabled or there may be possible power issues. A service engineer will quickly locate the source of the problem and put it right.

And Londoners, if your  dishwasher is beeping and driving you up the wall, our Zanussi dishwasher repair services in London are just a call away.

Flashes at the end of the programme are also dishwasher troubleshooting signals.

  • One flash – issues here include a water tap obstructed with limescale, or the water inlet hose is blocked. A dirty filter can also cause this continuous flash of light
  • Two flashes – indicate a blockage in the spigot, a damaged hose, or an incorrect connection
  • Three flashes – if three continuous flashes at the end of the running programme occur you need to get in touch with an engineer
Dishwasher Zanussi

Different Models

Zanussi dishwasher fault codes can vary between models – you’ll need to consult your manufacturer’s manual to get a detailed guide.

Zanussi Tempoline dishwasher problems can include the appliance going into error mode. In this case, one or more of the lights on the control panel will stay on or flash. And the cycle won’t start. The water inlet hose will need to be checked initially. And the machine may need to be re-programmed – easily diagnosed and rectified by a technician.

Get Fast Dishwasher Repairs

Zanussi dishwasher repair London specialists are the perfect solution to any Zanussi dishwasher problems. You’ll get a fully guaranteed fix – at a time that suits you. And all repairs will be carried out by highly trained and experienced technicians – armed with all the latest tools and equipment.

Every service is fully insured and comes with a six-month warranty. There’s no deposit and no call-out charge. Your same-day service will ensure that you won’t have to wait long for your Zanussi dishwasher to be fully operational once more. Book an appliance repair today.