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Common Zanussi Washing Machine Issues and How to Troubleshoot Them

Although the Zanussi brand has quite a number of different washing machines, there are some common Zanussi washing machine problems, which you will be able to identify by looking at the various fault codes and their associated meaning. This is the first step to ensuring that you have a proper diagnosis and understanding of the faults in your Zanussi washing machine before you attempt to address them. Whereas some issues may be quite easily fixed by you, others may require professional assistance. So, be sure to identify the fault codes accurately for a better resolution of the problem.

Zanussi washing machine fault codes

Your Zanussi washing machine plays an important role in your household tasks. It’s a huge time saver when it comes to doing laundry and it’s essential that it works optimally when you need it. However, there are some common errors that may crop up and you need to first be able to identify them. Without going through the owner’s manual, we’ve prepared this quick and easy to navigate guide on some common Zanussi washing machine fault codes, which will appear on your LCD display, and what steps you can take to resolve them.


This indicates that the washer does not fill with water properly and you should ensure that the water supply valves are open as well as ensuring that the water supply lines are not bent, kinked or clogged.


There are several potential causes of an E11 error code. The display of this code means that your washing machine is not filling up with water correctly during the wash phase or cycle. This could be attributed to a kinked inlet hose that’s incorrectly connected to the washing machine or is squashed, a faulty water inlet valve or the water supply to your machine not being switched on enough.


This indicates that your washing machine is leaking from somewhere and the leak detection system will show an error code of E13. The cause of the leak will need to be determined in addition to taking the steps of removing the water that has collected at the base and fixing the leak.


This error occurs when the washing machine does not drain the water. You should check that the washer drain hose is not bent or clogged.

E21, E23 or E24

Each of these fault codes above refer to drainage problems or errors. In order to ensure your machine works properly, you should check that there are no blockages in the filter or pump, check the pump, check the pump’s wiring and connections and check there are no blockages in the pipe or spigot. It’s common for debris and dirt to accumulate and this should be cleaned up regularly to help you address Zanussi washing machine filter problems.

E33, E35, E36, E37 or E39

These error codes relate to faults in the pressure switch, which monitors the amount of water in the drum. It’s possible that either the switch itself is faulty or the hose and chamber that lead to the switch are blocked. The latter is considered a relatively minor but common problem.

E40, E41, E42, E43, E44 or E45

Any one of the abovementioned error codes indicate a problem with the door lock. In order to diagnose the problem, you should check the door lock mechanism in addition to the wiring and connections between the door lock and the main control board. Also worth checking is that there are no obstructions blocking the door from locking securely.

E51, E52, E53 or E54

We now move on to some of the more serious problems that your Zanussi washing machine may encounter. Any one of the abovementioned fault codes is an indicator of a fault in the washing machine’s motor. As a result, things that will need to be checked include the motor, motor brushes and wiring as well as connections to the motor. You may want to consult a professional for these issues.

E61, E62, E66 or E71

Another challenge that may arise with your Zanussi washing machine is a problem with the heating system. It’s important to consult a professional who will be able to check the heating element, temperature sensor, the connections and wiring.

E82, E83, E93, E94, E95, E96 or E97

These error codes refer to more technical errors that relate to programming faults in the machine’s control board, E8_ and E9_ errors. It’s highly advisable to contact an experienced technician to help you configure or reconfigure the buttons and their functions.


An indication that the electrical supply is not stable. You should wait until the mains supply is stable and then check the electrical circuit breaker. Unplug the washer for 10 minutes to reset.


This indicates an incorrect electrical mains frequency.


The electrical voltage is too high.


The electrical voltage is too low.

Wrapping up

Zanussi washing machine fault finding is an important part of diagnosing the problem accurately and ensuring that the repairs which are carried out are right for the problem at hand. In some cases, the problems indicated by the fault codes mentioned above are quite simple to fix yourself. But in others, it’s advisable to contact professional Zanussi washing machine repair technicians. At Exclusive Repairs, we offer a safe, convenient and effective solution to your Zanussi washing machine problems. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us help you get more peace of mind without having to worry about costly repairs or even replacing your washing machine altogether.