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Kitchen countertop

When deciding whether to buy a new gas or electric cooker you’ll want to know the facts. After you’ve determined your own cooking preferences and taken into account your kitchen design, take a look at the following guide to gas vs electric ovens to make your final selection. When deciding whether to buy a new…


Washing Machine Workings

July 11, 2016

Washing machine controls

There are many basic principles that ensure your washing machine continues to work effectively for as long as possible. Carrying out these tasks properly will avoid unnecessary repairs, and costly replacements! Understanding programmes, loading, and phases, and knowing how a washing machine works will all guarantee a happy relationship with your appliance so read on……

Street with white houses

Whether you’re moving into a new property, or simply wanting to replace kitchen appliances, you’ll want to know which unit to buy and how much it’ll cost. Use the following home appliances checklist to help you choose the three most essential requirements: Dishwasher These days a dishwasher isn’t seen as a luxury item. An average…

Oven in a kitchen

People mostly use a gas or electric oven in their kitchen. Over time, ovens have become quite hi-tech with more user-friendly features. However, like other kitchen appliances, your oven may also stop working with extended usage. If you find the oven not working or some other snag has developed, do not panic. Before calling the…

Opened dishasher

Dishwashers are among the most widely used and popular home appliances that make life easier for busy home makers. However, like other electronic products a dishwasher can also develop snags at times. When that happens should you hit the panic button? Not at all as long as you know what the problem is. Why does…

Kitchen appliances

Keeping your kitchen appliances clean and working efficiently will save you money on your energy bills. What’s more, it’ll also stop you from having to spend on expensive replacements! With a little guidance you can make your domestic devices last. Use the following kitchen appliances maintenance tips to help: The Oven To keep your oven…

oven maintenance tips

Most people think of cleaning as a painful chore and often put away cleaning household appliances for later. However, little do they realize that the periodic maintenance of any appliance improves its efficiency and will potentially protect you from spending on repairs. So take a few minutes out of your schedule and try these simple…