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Freestanding vs Built-In Ovens

February 19, 2018

Built In Oven

When you’re planning to replace an oven, your first decision is probably going to be about whether you want gas or electric. The next choice is between a free standing or built-in appliance. What’s the Difference Between a Built-In and a Free Standing Oven The built-in is fitted into the cabinets around it. It can…


If your clothing, bedding or towels come out of the washing machine or the tumble dryer with a visible stain or a less than fragrant aroma you know there’s a problem, if something looks clean, it’s not surprising that you think it is. The trouble with germs, be they bacteria, viruses or fungal spores is…


The answer to this question is ‘yes! You can wash some boots in a washing machine.’ Many people do not realise that it is possible to put many different types of shoes in the washing machine which will help you to save time, money and doesn’t damage the machine or your shoes. However, this last…


If your dishwasher breaks down, you have to decide if you should get it repaired or replaced. Factors to take into account when deciding if you should repair your dishwasher or buy a new one include: 1. How long you can live without the appliance 2. How old the machine is 3. Cost of repairs…


Most Common Oven Repairs

January 19, 2018


When something goes wrong with your oven you might worry that it will need to be replaced. In fact, a lot of the time what’s needed is actually a relatively inexpensive component. Listed below you’ll find some of the most commonly required oven repairs. If you have one of the problems described here, there’s a…

washing machine

Wash cycles are processes carried out by your machine with differing speeds at which it agitates or tumbles the clothes, followed by a rinse and spin. Often there are more than one rinse and spin cycles to get clothes really clean. The timing settings may vary between four and 15 minutes, and the water temperature…


When you next come to replace your cooker there’s a good chance that you’ll at least consider an induction model. It makes a lot of sense, they are more efficient, will save you money on energy bills and that smooth top with no messy rings to worry about is both easy to care for and…