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Washing machine controls

If your washing machine isn’t on a perfectly flat surface with all four feet touching the floor it can be very noisy – and constant excessive vibrations can actually damage the appliance mechanisms. In many cases, it’s quite simple to fix the problem by initially determining if your washer is sitting level – with a…

How To Clean A Washing Machine: The Practical Guide

Washing machines clean our laundry – but it’s important to remember that the appliance itself also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent those washing machine smells! Routine care and maintenance will keep your machine working efficiently and in peak condition. See how to clean a washing machine: the practical guide here……


You may not be able to install a new circuit for an electric cooker as only a qualified engineer is allowed to do that – but you can learn how to install, wire, and connect your electric cooker safely if you want to replace or upgrade your gas oven. Take a look at an electric…


You can waste an awful lot of time and energy when you wash your dishes by hand – using a dishwasher is a safe and sanitary way of getting your dishes thoroughly clean using minimum amounts of water and electricity. On the rare occasion that you may have problems with your dishwasher not working properly…


When your oven isn’t getting hot the issue may be a faulty heating element – a defective fan oven element is a really common problem. It’s not hard to replace the part if you’re prepared to work within the tight restrictions of the oven itself. How can I change the element in my oven? Read…

oven repair

Many of us have been in that situation before where you have spent time preparing food ready for roasting or baking only to find that our once-reliable electric oven isn’t giving off heat. Being faced with an electric oven which won’t turn on can be frustrating but it provides a good starting point for problem-solving…

washing machine problems

Unless you forget the Sunday joint in the oven, a burning smell from any electrical appliance is something you should take very seriously. It’s generally a sign that the machine is about to break down, and it could well indicate that it’s in a dangerous condition. If you smell burning in or around your washing…


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